One in three people believe a no-frills business card works best. This means a business card with a straightforward design that conveys only essential information.
Four in 10 people say their perception of a business has been negatively impacted by the quality or design of its cards. Online printing specialists Instant Print unveiled these statistics as part of recent research compiled by the company. The study involved 2,000 adults working in different industries. The company surveyed these people about their thoughts on business cards.

Affiliate Marketing As A Business

Cost Effective Marketing

Business cards function as a long-established method of cost-effective marketing. This holds true for small businesses of almost every industry. The insights gathered from the research could help small businesses. It could ensure their cards are designed for maximum impact.
For example, consider the insight about simple card design. Small businesses benefit far more from this type of advertising if they stick to simply-designed cards. This means cards conveying little more than essential details. These details could include just basic contact information.
As Jon Constantine-Smith, Head of Instant Print commented:
“Driving new customers can be challenging for any business, so turning someone off when you hand a card over is of course something to avoid!

Design for Business Stationery

“When it comes to the design of your business stationery, it can be tricky to get it right, but considering your audience, and following the advice laid out by this research — keeping it simple and representative of your services — is a great starting point.
“Whilst it can be a challenge to find the inspiration on how to create the perfect business card for your line of work, there are tools, templates and even video guides that can help, especially if you want to make the best first impression,” Constantine-Smith continued.
The study involved in-depth biometric analysis with participants being asked to look at seven variations across ten different industries. Users had their heart rates monitored and their eyes tracked while examining each card to reveal what type of design grabbed their attention the most.
Research included connecting an eye tracking camera, biometrics dial and heart rate monitor to a PC. Data revealed overall yellow and white seem the most appealing color for background. Meanwhile, biometric research found blues and greens remain the most popular accent color.

How to Handle Copy

Make sure the copy on a business card remains evenly spaced. It should read easily. Meanwhile, participants revealed that black and white text is the most appealing. And classic fonts rather than modern typefaces remain preferred.
The research also found a preference for simple logos representative of a brand. They should take up less than 25% of the total card space. These points outline the most preferable type of design.

Other key takeaways from the research reveal gender demographics. For example, the study found 42% of men more likely to perceive a company negatively based on design and quality of a business card. This compares with to 38% of women.
The study also looked at the responses from participants. These include those who worked in specific sectors. Bakers and chefs responded better to colorful and bright color schemes. Surprisingly, designers preferred neutral or primary tones. They also prefer a company’s logo be placed to the right or the left of the card. And  they found the card less appealing if the logo was centralised. Salespeople also like business cards to be simple, with the logo being to the left or the right.

Instant Print’s research reiterates the importance of business cards for businesses of all sectors. And it shows the importance of getting the design of the card right. Focus on the right target market. This well-established marketing tool offers a cost-effective way for companies to reach out. It helps them target new customers and grow their business.
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Understand that a majority of the time these will end up in the garbage. You need to establish some kind of connection with the prospect beyond the card. Connect on LinkedIn or have a simple email exchange where you offer something of value.
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