For entrepreneurs, learning by example is one of the easiest ways to get lessons in business. 
Madeline Ronzoni is the founder of Happy Rugs, a company that sells custom rugs to personal clients and brands, such as Nike and Vans. She booked six figures in revenue since November, documents verified by Insider showed, despite having no prior business experience. Many of the tips and tricks she’s learned along the way have come from resources that include podcasts.
“So much of starting a business was learning as I went,” Ronzoni said. “Podcasts give me a bit of me time while I work, which I think is super important in order to stay motivated.”
Ronzoni isn’t alone in her love for podcasts. In 2021, there were an estimated 120 million podcast listeners in the country, the market-data firm Statista found. 
Insider compiled a list of 10 podcasts that all entrepreneurs should listen to, according to successful business owners who are devout listeners.
Mindset is one of the most important aspects of being a business owner, and the podcast “A Slight Change of Plans” with Maya Shankar, the host and a cognitive scientist, helps Ronzoni keep it a priority. 
“As a business owner and creator, there are so many different changes that happen day by day,” she said. “By listening to this podcast, I take away advice and insights from Maya and her guests who have overcome great changes and learned from it.” 
The weekly podcast combines storytelling with the science of human behavior to help listeners understand how humans react to big changes.
The personal stories; interviews with celebrities, such as Tiffany Haddish and Kacey Musgraves; and purposeful empowerment make the podcast both fascinating and relatable, Ronzoni said. 
Ali Magyaros is a digital-content creator who specializes in travel and fashion. Magyaros works with hotels and Airbnbs around the world to showcase the properties through photography, videography, and paid ads. While Magyaros doesn’t consider herself an influencer, “Full-Time Influencer Podcast” is her favorite source for learning more about the content-creation industry.
“Full-Time Influencer” is hosted by the Instagram influencer Tina Lee. In each episode, Lee explains various aspects of the business — including how to travel for free and getting your significant other to support your atypical career — and invites guests on the show.
“She gives very good tips and tricks,” Magyaros said. She added that the “how to” segments of each episode, including how to network as a creative and grow your personal brand, have been most helpful in her own business growth. 
Ben Chon is a financial analyst turned YouTuber, who shares tips on stocks, cryptocurrency, and careers through his channel Rareliquid. With previous experience working in the financial sector, he wanted to help others grow their own portfolios and learn about investing. While he is a resource for more than 75,000 YouTube subscribers, he recommended “Capital Allocators” for anyone interested in investing or finance, especially when it comes to launching, growing, and understanding a business. 
“Capital Allocators” is hosted by Ted Seides, an author and investor, and focuses on how successful investors and moneymakers spend their time and capital. 
Lisa Andrea is the founder of The Financial Cookbook, an online platform that guides women on finances, such as how to budget your income. Andrea runs The Financial Cookbook as a side hustle and books about $2,500 per month on average, which comes from The Financial Cookbook’s 75,000 monthly page views, ad revenue, digital products available for purchase, and affiliate links with other corporate partners.
When Andrea sought business advice, she found Tony Robbins, an author and a philanthropist, and his eponymous podcast. 
“His motivational speaking and unconventional ways of doing business make me think creatively and out of the box,” Andrea said in a follow-up email. “I find myself actually thinking about dunking myself in ice-cold water at 5 a.m. as it’s seemed to work for Tony.”
Andrea is also an advocate for “The BizChix Podcast,” hosted by the entrepreneur, coach, and speaker Natalie Eckdahl.
Eckdahl shares her expertise on mindset, leadership, and best business practices in the biweekly show. The podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to work on positive affirmations or gain confidence as a businessperson, Andrea said.  
“This podcast helped me gain my footing as a female entrepreneur,” Andrea said. “I find that I leave her podcasts feeling energized and excited about conquering my business initiatives.” 
Kaylie Hill is a personal organizer, cleaner, and business coach. Hill’s viral TikTok account has more than 660,000 followers and helped her book $90,000 in revenue this year, documents verified by Insider showed. “The Goal Digger Podcast” is one she suggested that all other entrepreneurs should listen to. It’s one of Hill’s most listened to resources.
“‘The Goal Digger Podcast’ is centered around digital and social-media marketing and entrepreneurship,” Hill said via email. She added that the host, Jenna Kutcher — a professional photographer and digital marketing expert — covers topics that include Instagram growth, email marketing, and work-life balance. Additionally, the podcast often features other business owners as guests to share their own experiences and tips. 
“It was because of this podcast I decided to grow my own social-media following,” Hill said. 
At 23 years old, Sam Guyton is the owner of the entertainment companies Vali and Guyton. He has multiple rental properties and travels the world as a performer. Guyton believed the podcasts from BiggerPockets, a real-estate investing company, were some of the most helpful on the market. For example, BiggerPockets’ “Money Podcast” and “Real Estate Podcast” were among the most helpful to his career.
Guyton said the podcast teaches entrepreneurs about the concept of winning and encourages listeners to get their mindset in the right place for success.
Guyton also recommended the “Afford Anything” podcast hosted by Paula Pant, an entrepreneur and investor who speaks on topics such as the best spending tactics to build a million-dollar business.  
The series includes “Ask Paula” episodes, which invite anonymous questions from listeners; interviews with experts; and candid conversations.
“It teaches you the numbers of the deal,” Guyton said of what he’s learned from Pant’s episodes. He added that those make-or-break moments she explains have been helpful with his own career in buying and investing in properties. He’s also learned about the necessary financial due diligence that leads to positive business decisions.
Jacqueline Dubois is an artist and social-media creator known for her semiabstract figure painting. While Dubois booked six figures in revenue this year, she’s the first to admit that “tough love” is the key to her business growth — including her ability to separate creativity from business and be brutally honest with herself about what’s working for her clients versus what she enjoys.
To accommodate her booming business, Dubois turned to Chris Do, the Emmy-winning art director, designer, and CEO of his brand consultancy, Blind. Dubois regularly listens to Do’s podcast, which covers creativity, brand strategy, and business-pitching tips.
“‘The Futur With Chris Do’ has such incredible insight and tough-love-style advice on working in the creative industry,” Dubois said via email. “The podcast formed how I approached my art business,” she said.
In addition to the previous recommendations, entrepreneurs mentioned “How I Built This” as their top choice.
The NPR podcast hosted by Guy Raz — a creator of hit podcasts, including “Wisdom From the Top,” and a former host and cocreator of “TED Radio Hour.” Raz shares weekly episodes with founders from a variety of businesses, including music labels, food brands, and beauty companies. In each episode, a founder shares their story from company inception to the current state of the business.
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