If you’ve just started off your WordPress blog and want everybody to read your content, then you should promote your blogs on multiple online platforms.
If you’ve just started your WordPress blog and want everybody to read your content, then you should promote your blog on multiple online platforms.
Creating and launching an appealing and informative blog is not enough. For better results, you need to get serious about its promotion.
Marketing has always been a great way to drive the targeted audience towards your brand or product. You can convey your organization’s message to a large number of people by making the use of effective marketing techniques.
Similarly, a blogger optimizes their posts with the aim to better represent them across various web platforms, where they can generate traffic to the site.
But, due to the stiff competition, it’s now even more gruelling making your blog a success. Also the techniques for promoting a blog never remain the same due to the ever-changing panda and penguin updates by Google.
That’s why I’ve collected the 10 tried & tested ways that can effectively promote your WordPress blog.
The first step you need to do is to create quality, informative and engaging content for your blogs.
You need to understand that many people have great experience in the same niche as you. So make sure that you write a blog post that can solve the problems of these readers and give them a rich reading experience.
Plus, it should stand up to the expectations of your target audience. By
providing them their most desired content, you can efficiently improve the web presence of your blog.
The overall look and feel of a blog can make or break the visibility of your site. Web design is a vital aspect that leaves a first and the last impression on visitor’s mind.
Therefore, you should search for a theme that can beautifully showcase the purpose of your blog to your visitors.
So, take your time and choose a theme that both looks great and can enhance the usability of your blog, A great user experience is something that will encourage visitors to stay on your blog longer.
social media marketing
Market your blog posts on social media platforms, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, StumbleUpon etc. to drive more web traffic. If you want a successful blog, you need to post or share your content to relevant groups.
You can also set up a Facebook page where you can add all your targeted visitors, and a group of the same niche. Then you can share the links to your posts via your Facebook profile.
You can also add social sharing icons on each of your blog post to allow your readers to share your content on their own social media accounts.
You can optimize your content by ensuring the URLs of your blog posts contain relevant keywords. WordPress can generate a permalink for you automatically, but before you hit publish make sure that it’s keyword-rich and readable.
Try to optimize the permalink in a way that it reflects your content instantly to visitors.
guest post
Guest posting means writing and posting a blog post or an article on someone else’s website or blog.
Now, you might be thinking how guest posting can boost the web presence of our blog? But it is a great strategy that can promote your blog to a large population base online.
You can use a guest post to encourage visitors to come to your blog. This technique not only promotes your blog but also gives you external link from more authority sites, which can improve your ranking on search engines.
Rank higher on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines by optimizing the titles and descriptions of your blog posts. WordPress offers a ton of robust SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO, All In On SEO etc. that will create SEO-friendly meta descriptions and tile tags for each of your posts.
Make sure your meta descriptions and title tags contain all your relevant keywords, are readable for humans and accurately describe your content in an appealing way.
YouTube is an ideal social media platform where you can convey your audio-visual message to your potential visitors in an engaging way.
Although, it is a popular marketing technique, you need to be very creative from your side.
You can begin with a video that is simple, which can help you get the hang of crafting future videos for your blog. Thereafter, you can do something more creative and innovative.
Vector illustration of email marketing flat design concept.
Email marketing is one of the most prominent ways that can help you promote your blog. You just need to create an email list and keep on adding new subscribers to generate quality leads.
The subscribers in your email lists will hopefully help you share and promote your content across different web platforms. So, you should build a massive email list in order to get more web traffic to your address.
You should add your blog post to social bookmarking sites as it can help drive extra traffic to your website.
But keep in mind that you should choose quality bookmarking sites to submit your post. Low quality sites won’t do any good for your blog and they can harm you in long run.
Make sure that you update your blog on a regular basis.
Creating regular content gives your readers something to come back for and lets Google know that you’re serious about what you’re doing.
With the help of these proven tips, you can promote your WordPress blog across all web platforms with an objective to drive more web traffic and generate quality leads.
Lucy Barret is a Sr. WordPress Developer at HireWPGeeks, a WordPress Development Company, and a contributor to SEW.
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