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Want to make money from affiliate marketing? Then you need a strategy. Learn how to do it with these excellent affiliate marketing blogs.
Since the late 1990s, affiliate marketing has been a buzzword on the internet. This potential money-maker is often the source when you hear about those incredible, if not common “I made a fortune $$$ blogging!” stories.
Yes, it’s nothing new, but affiliate marketing is still going strong. And you can make a serious living by focusing on a smart affiliate marketing strategy.
Intrigued? It’s time to learn more.
First up: What is affiliate marketing, exactly? How can you make money by becoming an affiliate?
If you’re unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, the concept is pretty simple:
In other words, affiliate marketing is a lot like commissioned sales. The difference is you’re driving traffic and leads to the merchant/advertiser’s website through your blog posts.
If this sounds too good to be true, pay attention: This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it WILL take effort to make money using this strategy.
Check out the major pros and cons to make sure this road is one you’re ready to walk down.
These are the major pros and cons of affiliate marketing:
Now that you know the pros and cons, if you’re still interested in affiliate marketing, it’s time to dig in and learn more.
Here are 11 information-packed affiliate marketing blogs to check out on the road to becoming an affiliate master.
11 Amazing Affiliate Marketing Blogs
Pat Flynn was just another casualty of the 2008 recession, but he was able to turn things around by transforming a website he built into a passive income stream.
On his blog, he shares his tools and techniques for earning passive income with affiliate marketing as well as strategies for effective online marketing (hints: provide value, earn trust, and only promote products you wholeheartedly stand behind).
11 Amazing Affiliate Marketing Blogs
In the world of affiliate marketing, John Chow is a superstar. In two years, he was able to amp up his blogging income from nothing to $40,000/month.
Reading his advice and tips is a great idea if you want to supercharge your affiliate marketing.
11 Amazing Affiliate Marketing Blogs
For practical guides, case studies, and tips on both online and affiliate marketing, Matthew Woodward is your guy.
He’ll show you how to set up a blog, increase your traffic from search, improve your SEO, and more. His blogging case study archive is especially worth your time.
Luke Kling has been an affiliate marketer since 2004 and is one of the biggest industry names.
He’s the brain behind affLIFT (an affiliate marketing forum – highly recommended) and FPTraffic, a Facebook page management tool.
He used to run the LukePeerFly.com blog until the PeerFly Affiliate Network shut down in July 2019.
Nowadays, he still publishes tons of affiliate marketing content over at affLIFT.
11 Amazing Affiliate Marketing Blogs
Shawn Collins has been an affiliate marketer since 1997 and is another big industry name. He’s the co-founder of Affiliate Summit, a staple industry conference.
He’s also the host of a podcast, This Is Affiliate Marketing. His blog will keep you up to date on what’s happening in the affiliate marketing industry and includes notes on sessions from Affiliate Summit.
11 Amazing Affiliate Marketing Blogs
Missy Ward is CEO and co-founder of Affiliate Summit. She has written a few books about making money through blogging, including “Make Money with Your WordPress Blog”.
Her free affiliate marketing resources include a free print publication and a YouTube channel and are a good place to start.
11 Amazing Affiliate Marketing Blogs
Charles Ngo is a successful affiliate marketer making seven-figures through his business acumen. On his blog, he shares tips and techniques for navigating the modern affiliate marketing landscape.
11 Amazing Affiliate Marketing Blogs
Zac Johnson has been in the industry for over 20 years and knows his stuff. Follow his blog to get inside tips, step-by-step guides to starting your own blog, and additional ways to grow your revenue.
11 Amazing Affiliate Marketing Blogs
Mobidea Academy is the learning branch of the Mobidea affiliate network. Follow the blog to stay in the loop on industry trends, get advice from top experts, and grow your skills.
11 Amazing Affiliate Marketing Blogs
I Am Attila is a hands-on affiliate marketing blog offering step-by-step guidance, case studies, and more. He also goes deep into tools you can use to up your game.
This is a great blog to check out once you have some experience behind you.
11 Amazing Affiliate Marketing Blogs
Spencer Haws is a successful online entrepreneur who has earned success through building niche websites and affiliate marketing.
On his website, he offers case studies and guides for not only affiliate marketers, but anyone who wants to make money from a website.
But only if you know what you’re doing. That means jumping in and expecting money to fall on your lap is foolhardy.
Just like any other type of industry, you can’t dive into the deep end without first getting your feet wet.
Study up on what affiliate marketing is about via these top blogs, then figure out if it’s a doable option for increasing your income.
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