Today’s online world is flooded with podcasts. There are millions of podcasts hosted on Apple, Spotify and other platforms. A large portion of podcasts focus primarily on helping entrepreneurs succeed in their business, but how many of them are really useful? Many of the podcasts rinse and repeat the same exact strategies packaged differently — but a lot fail to fully take in the intricacies of doing business in the current landscape, one in which entrepreneurs need to take a 360-degree approach to strategy that includes not just great business acumen, but also a healthy mindset, a good work-life balance, emotional intelligence, and regard for mental health.
Here are eleven highly recommended podcasts to listen to that will cut through the clutter and offer entrepreneurs high-quality business support and guidance in 2021.
Jasmine Star, founder and CEO of Social Curator and host of the Jasmine Star Show.
Jasmine Star is the founder and CEO of Social Curator and host of the Jasmine Star Show, which is a mix of business advice, soul food, and a kick in the pants. As a creative and the daughter of an immigrant, she had long doubted that she could ever be successful in business. “I gave myself a bunch of excuses but then realized that the first thing I had to do was believe that I had the capacity for business success,” she says.
What would life look like if there were no rules? This is a question Star often asks herself and the driving force behind the podcast. Star believes that it’s not necessarily a lack of desire that holds people back, but rather their belief systems. The podcast aims to empower listeners to change the narrative inside their heads so that they truly believe that they can achieve whatever it is they want to do.
Star helps listeners make powerful micro-shifts that build up over time. Each episode encourages listeners to realign their inner compass so that their minds and beliefs become stronger, and they feel ready to take the next step towards becoming the best possible version of themselves. The end goal is to take radical ownership over their business and life and have the confidence to stand in their true purpose. 
Rory and AJ Vaden are eight-figure entrepreneurs and co-hosts of The Influential Personal Brand.
Rory and AJ Vaden are eight-figure entrepreneurs who were business partners for twelve years in a previous venture that they recently exited before starting their new company Brand Builders Group. 

Affiliate Marketing As A Business

Throughout their careers, they have worked together to build Rory’s personal brand, which led to him becoming a New York Times bestselling author and hall of fame speaker. He also has a TEDx talk with over three million views. AJ is a million-dollar consultant, international speaker, and CEO of Brand Builders Group.
Together, Rory and AJ host The Influential Personal Brand, which features interviews with some of the world’s most recognizable influencers including Neil Patel, Trent Shelton, and Gretchen Rubin. Each episode focuses on practical and progressive marketing tips for people who want to create more influence, income, and impact.
Many podcasts harp on the importance of building a brand, but very few actually show how it’s done. Rory and AJ guide listeners by offering straightforward methods for identifying their authentic self and developing that into a personal brand. Each of their extraordinary guests shares their experiences so that listeners can arrive at their goals faster and with fewer mistakes. 
At the core of the podcasts is the idea that building a powerful, influential brand boils down to one thing: the problem that it solves for clients. “Self-limiting beliefs mean you are thinking about yourself and not the people who need the solution to the problem that you are uniquely designed to solve,” says Rory. The podcast highlights how brand-building is not for vanity but for the service of others.
Jenna Kutcher is the host of the podcast titled: Goal Digger.
Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger podcast speaks to female entrepreneurs looking to redefine success, chase bold dreams, and tackle their biggest goals. In this live-workshop-style business podcast, Kutcher grabs women by the hand and whisks them into a world where tangible, action-focused takeaways are delivered upfront on various topics, including marketing, finance, mindset, productivity, and setting up superb systems.
The podcast celebrates that entrepreneurs are not perfect leaders but rather brilliant learners who push boundaries, experiment and analyze, and progress every step of the way. Her delivery style inspires her followers — from stay-at-home moms running a side gig to ambitious bachelorettes with ten hours a day to throw at their project — to live a rich life, dream bigger, and take steps towards success in their own, unique way. 
Within moments of the show starting, Jenna delivers the kicker, and everything that comes after is about the journey to get to the result. “So many podcasts never get to the result, so I decided to put mine upfront,” Kutcher says. Her theme of ‘imperfectly enriching women’ teaches listeners to gauge customized progress toward an endpoint of their choosing so that they can define their version of success and be unapologetic about living it on their terms.
Lewis Howes is a New York Times bestseller and host of the The School of Greatness podcast.
Lewis Howes’ podcast The School of Greatness is grounded in love, acceptance, and improving relationships in every corner of life. It asks business icons such as Arianna Huffington and artists like Alanis Morrisett about subjects rarely touched on, including fear, insecurities, doubt, and asking celebrities when they felt most loved. The podcast – which enjoys 375 million downloads – explores everything from entrepreneurship to spirituality, business, health and wellness, and emotional agility. 
Lewis believes that many entrepreneurs create businesses to be seen and for validation or to prove someone wrong. “I started my business based on these ideas and it served me. It got me results, made lots of money and I found my dreams, but I felt very empty and lacked peace inside,” he says. His podcast is an entrepreneur’s pocket guide to the soul, mind, body, and emotions. 
Lewis helps entrepreneurs not repeat their mistakes. Relationships are at the core of improving life in terms of finances and abundance, and entrepreneurship is grounded in being loved, worthy, and remembering who you are. He exposes external factors and traps that entrepreneurs can fall into in the hunt for success. This podcast transcends practical matters and explores emotional vulnerability.
Lori Harder is the podcast host at Earn Your Happy.
Lori Harder’s podcast Earn Your Happy dives into the importance of cultivating emotional intelligence as a business owner, and how an entrepreneur’s unchecked emotions can cause them to walk away from their fullest potential. Her magic is teaching resilience – a skill that every entrepreneur must have to succeed – and helping entrepreneurs take a deeper look at their core fears and overcome them so that they no longer get in the way. 
Earn Your Happy brings up the biggest fears that entrepreneurs have and those that no one else is willing to discuss. She delves into what many entrepreneurs are feeling, but ignoring, such as shame, weakness, and feelings of rejection. By normalizing and breaking down fear, the podcast guides listeners deep into their psyche to understand how to expand emotional capacity and resilience. 
Harder demystifies big fears, such as those surrounding making massive million-dollar decisions or not achieving as much as you want in a day. These negative emotions are destructive, but Harder’s secret weapon (and gift to the listener) are her insights on how to use emotional intelligence to unleash the inner powerhouse so that entrepreneurs can skyrocket in business.
Julie Solomon is an entrepreneur and host of the Influencer Podcast.
Julie Solomon’s The Influencer Podcast helps entrepreneurs unleash the powerful leader that lives inside of them, turning them into authentic influencers who create impact and change. The show artfully guides business owners to search inside of themselves and identify any issues – limiting beliefs and all – that may be impeding them from the success they desire. 
Solomon isn’t shy about digging deep to help business owners find their real focus and uncover what motivates them to get up every day and share their values and worth with the world. “Influence is not something you chase – it’s ingrained in all of us – and lets us get what we want out of life. Everyone has a purpose that needs to be shared,” she says. 
Julie believes that by confronting what’s holding you back, entrepreneurs can grow and move forward to create a business that sends ripples across the world. Julie also has a book entitled ‘Get Want You Want’, soon to be released through HarperCollins Leadership.
John Lee Dumas is the podcast host of Entrepreneur on Fire and a successful entrepreneur.
John Lee Dumas is one of the most well-known figures in the podcasting realm. He is the entrepreneurial leader for guiding podcasters and the author of The Common Path to Uncommon Success. His award-winning Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast finds answers to vexing questions like how to become an eight-figure influencer or how to embark on a fact-finding mission into the brains of high-ranking business coaches who know how to double revenues, conquer ‘shiny object’ syndrome, and focus on doing less to become more of a success.
Dumas was the first person to start a podcast featuring interviews with entrepreneurs every single day. To date, he has published over 3,000 interviews and picked the brains of some of the world’s most successful and innovative entrepreneurs, including Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, and Barbara Corcoran, to name just a few. His goal is to give listeners invaluable tips and tools to design their path to success.
Delivering major infusions of inspiration is Dumas’ art form and extracting business-advancing strategies from the finest minds from the world of commerce and innovation. This podcast is for anyone who no longer wants to spend most of their day doing things they do not enjoy.
Amy Porterfield is the host of the podcast Online Marketing Made Easy.
Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy podcast breaks open the world of creating online courses and building an audience as a business opportunity. She teaches business coaches, service-based providers, and consultants how to move into the online education world and take actionable steps to become profitable. Her philosophy is that entrepreneurs should stay in their lane and develop deep expertise in one area – the area they are best at, then make it great. 
“Choose one thing and become an expert,” Porterfield says. Too many entrepreneurs are slowed down by having to create new things again and again and constantly relaunch. She warns against that, as she sees it as a shortcut to burnout. Her podcast explores how to make money by offering added value to a digital course with free education. She teaches listeners the keys to profitability, from pre-recorded workshops to mini-digital courses and full-blown digital courses. 
The mission of Online Marketing Made Easy is to inspire listeners to establish themselves as the star of their niche and then apply their unique expertise to develop an online course that frames them as the master of their realm as much as it makes a glowing profit. Porterfield’s approach is the prototype that will set listeners above would-be competitors and allow them to slice through all of the noise encompassing online learning.
Don Miller is the podcast host and author of Business Made Simple.
Don Miller’s podcast Business Made Simple (and book of the same name) reduces the clutter and mystery surrounding the world of money. “My mission is to tear down the paywall between the rich and the poor and make business accessible to more people,” he says. Miller is a self-taught business success who is on a mission to show the world that anyone – no matter who they are – can become a successful business owner and create the life they dream of without spending thousands of dollars.
Miller models his business operation on an aircraft where the various parts relate to different aspects of a business. With each episode, listeners can learn how Miller makes the moving parts of business connect seamlessly and profitably and how his systems can be implemented across different outfits, even if they don’t feel like an expert. Miller is living evidence that you do not need a six-figure education to build an eight-figure operation. 
Business Made Simple lifts the veil of mystery about running a business and explains to listeners that a successful business is about processes. Miller’s absolute certainty that despite education, gender, or background, a committed entrepreneur has what it takes to create a business and life that they desire. Last year his business generated $16.5 million with a 64 percent profit margin by using the aircraft model, so it does fly.
Michael Hyatt is the co-host of Win at Work and Succeed at Life podcast.
Michael Hyatt’s Win at Work and Succeed at Life unpacks the lies of entrepreneurship such as the hustle fallacy, overworking, and the idea that you have to put your career on hold to spend more time with family. He draws on his own experience of working 70+ hours a week while he was a CEO of a $250 million corporation. At one point, he realized that although he had reached the pinnacle of success and was winning in his career, he was losing out on life. 
By making changes to his goal-setting, productivity, and leadership, Hyatt was able to transform his life so that he was able to achieve winning results both at work and home. Today he is the founder and chairman of Michael Hyatt & Company. This eight-figure leadership firm is committed to teaching other successful and overwhelmed leaders how to find the right work-life balance. His podcast is for high achievers with big goals and dreams who feel frustrated by not being where they need to be.
In each podcast episode, Hyatt co-hosts the show with Megan Hyatt Miller, his eldest of five daughters and CEO of Michael Hyatt & Company. They host conversations that dig deep into how to have a fulfilling career balanced with successful family life. Hyatt has an alternative way to explore the meaning of success in life, that goes beyond work. He shows listeners that they can have the success they want in both their careers and personal lives.  
Jill Stanton is the podcast host titled: Screw The Nine to Five.
Jill Stanton’s Screw The Nine to Five is hyper-focused on how to help people grow businesses that truly impact people and create profit. Stanton believes that the entrepreneurial mind is the most important element of every business. Her podcast focuses on prioritizing customer acquisition over lead acquisition. She exposes how building an audience with current paying customers enriches a business rather than growing free followers and free subscribers. 
Stanton cringes at the notion of being caught on the ‘hamster wheel of free content’, which she rejects as being too easy. People simply don’t value something if it is free. Her business has a loyal community of ‘Scroupies’, people who are serious about building their business so they can quit their job. “We have stayed in the integrity of who we want to work with. Freebies do not lead anywhere.”
Listeners to this podcast will quickly ascertain that free leads are a waste of energy when they should focus on securing paying clients. Stanton teaches how to create value without pumping out endless free content or succumbing to vanity metrics in preference for subscribers. She teaches that income is there to be generated among followers with skin in the game and she helps entrepreneurs to learn how to capture them.


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