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People are always looking for ways to make money online.
What if you told yourself there was a way to make money online simply by giving their opinion on things?
Swagbucks is a platform you can use to start making money online in the form of doing online surveys and much more. 
With Swagbucks, you can get access to tons of great rewards and other ways to make money. Simply download the app, and start taking surveys, scanning products, and much more. You will build up points you can then redeem to earn money. 
That’s all there is to it. Sounds too good to be true? I thought so.
So we put together this comprehensive guide covering everything there is to know about Swagbucks and the best Swagbucks hacks you can use to make more money. Let’s get started!

What You'll Learn
Swagbucks is an online rewards membership program that lets you earn rewards for shopping online, completing surveys, watching videos, and more.
With Swagbucks, you sign up, verify your account, and start earning points for the activites you complete. You can then redeem these points to get free gift cards to tons of the most famous retailers or free PayPal payments. 
The best part of Swagbucks is that you can earn money with little to no effort.
Since it launched back in 2008, the company has paid out more than $263 million in cash rewards and gift cards to its members. 
Swagbucks makes it easy to get paid for your time and earn money without working. This is one of the best side hustle apps you can use to make money in your free time.
Did I mention they offer new users a free $5 or $10?
Yep! You can get free money just for opening a new account. Open yours with the link below!
Swagbucks is pretty simple.
First, you need to make an account. When you make an account, you will have to supply a valid email address.
You can sign in with an existing Google account or make a brand new account.
When you make an account, you will then have to verify your identity. Swagbucks has an app and Chrome browser extension so you can use it on your phone or on your desktop PC. 
Once your account is set up, then you can start earning points. It has a native points system called “SB points.” The more activities you do, the more SB points you earn. Once you have over 300 SB points, you can redeem them for gift cards and other goodies like PayPal cash payments. SB points have a conversion rate of 10 SB points = $1. 
There are many different ways you can make money online with Swagbucks, so be sure to claim your free welcome bonus below!
One of the main way to get Swagbucks is to shop online.
Swagbucks partners with over 1,500 different retailers including giants like Wal-Mart and Amazon so you can make money on many different purchases. 
If you shop online with the Swagbucks browser extension active or you shop through the Swagbucks app, you will get up to 10% cashback on your purchase in the form of points. Swagbucks also offers points for those who book trips through popular travel sites such as Expedia and Priceline. It’s that easy. 
In addition to shopping online, Swagbucks will also give you points to go shop in-person and go eat at restaurants.
After you pay, upload your receipts to Swagbucks and you can get thousands of SB points. The platform also has the Swagbucks Local features which allow you to link a credit card to your account and get rewards every time you shop at a local retailer or store. 
Surveys are one of the most popular options to earn money on Swagbucks.
The company works with market research companies so businesses know how their products are selling and being received. You can make money by completing surveys through the Swagbucks website and get SB points for each one you complete.
Swagbucks has a number of advertising partners that need people for watching videos. So, Swagbucks will pay you to watch curated playlists of videos.
You can watch videos based on categories like food, travel, makeup, sports, tech, etc. Most of the time, you can just put the videos on in the background and rack up more SB points for rewards. 
Swagbucks also has a platform where you can earn points for playing games.
They offer 12 SB for every $1 you spend on cash entry fees for games like Angry Birds, Trivial Pursuit, and several other popular games. You have to pay money to play, but you are earning more than $1 in points for every $1 you spend. 
Swagbucks even gives you a way to earn SB points while browsing the web like normal. Just browse the internet with the chrome extension while you sign into your account.
You can use Swagbucks as your default search engine and you will get free points just for using the internet just like normal. You can adjust your browser settings in the extension settings. 
One last way to earn points on Swagbucks is by signing up to free trials for things like TV services and other online services. Some of the services cost money to sign up for so you should avoid those and only look for ones that are free to sign up for. 
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Swagbucks is a great platform with easy ways to make money. More Swagbucks equals more money; it’s that simple. So with that in mind, here are some tips and extra Swagbucks hacks so you can earn some money online. 
Swagbucks sends a lot of emails and they will probably get annoying. In general, you should sign up with a different email address when signing up for survey sites and other cashback rewards websites. Most email websites let you switch between accounts so you can quickly check the spare account if you need to but it won’t disturb you and clutter up your inbox. 
Whenever you feel like doing small tasks of Swagbucks, you can log in to partake in daily polls and earn free SB points. This Swagbucks hack is a useful one to have.
It’s best to maximize your point earning potential early. As soon as you sign up with the app, you can earn some free points.
Swagbucks offers a free $5 bonus for anyone signing up for a new account. Make sure that you claim this offer shortly after making your account else you may lose it. The offer will go away if you leave it unclaimed for a while so make sure to get it as soon as possible. It’s practically free money, so why wouldn’t you take advantage?
Swagbucks is a good rewards website but there are only so many cash rewards and free gift cards you can milk out of one website.
The more sites you sign up for the better chance you have of making lots of points.
Swagbucks can serve as your main platform for discounts and rewards but try to branch out into other rewards programs that might offer terms and rewards that Swagbucks does not offer. 
For example, if there is a product category of retailer that Swagbucks does not offer rewards on, maybe another reward app does. You can mix and match rewards to maximize your returns when spending.
So what other options do you have?
Some other excellent platforms to make money include:
The best way to make any money with these kinds of websites is consistency.
If you are consistent with Swagbucks, you will consistently have something to spend your points on and can enjoy a nice flow of rewards. That is why I recommend picking a daily goal and trying to stick to it.
Creating a goal gives you an incentive for the day and ensures that you are maximizing your efforts with the app. Start with a daily goal of 100 points and then see how much you can push it after that. Remember, you can also get points from non-shopping activities like getting paid to watch videos and ads or taking surveys. 
The best part about Swagbucks is that you can do it any time that you want.
Got a lunch break? Why not spend some time doing quick surveys while getting a bite to eat?
If you have some time before you go to bed, you can get some extra rewards for that hour before you go to sleep. Even if you are just lazing about, playing on your phone, you might as well be making money watching videos and playing games. 
You can also use the Swagbucks app while grinding on your daily commute or in between those lulls at work. Wherever you have a few minutes, you can squeeze in some Swagbucks rewards to earn as much as you can. 
The Swagbutton will light up every day when there is some rebate or discount available on a purchase. It will change every day so make sure that you check Swagbucks daily to see what awards are available.
You can use the Swagbutton function in conjunction with other cashback and rewards apps. This Swagbucks hack is a must-have if you want to maximize your efforts with the app. 
Swagbucks will give you points if you search the web with it enabled as your default search engine. It is literally the easiest way to make money because you get paid just for your normal internet behavior. You get points for searching for anything. You won’t get a ton of points from using the search engine, but it’s an easy way to get money for practically nothing. Who wouldn’t want that?
Make sure you tell all your friends about Swagbucks. For every one of your friends that signs up using your referral link, you will earn 10% of their earnings, forever. You will get a few earnings when they shop, search the web, watch videos, play online, and more. As long as the referral is active, you will get at 10% with no limits. 
Also, both you and your referral will get an extra free 300 SB points if the referral makes more than 300 SB points in their first month.
So you have an incentive to refer as many people as possible and make sure your friends are taking advantage of the Swagbucks app. 
You should also hold on to all your receipts. You can scan receipts using the Swagbucks mobile app and earn rewards to your account. You will earn SB points every time you upload receipts from
So make sure you do not throw your receipts away. Hold on to them to get the most points possible and the most free gift cards and rewards possible.
Here is a cool Swagbucks hack that you might not know about.
First, you buy cards for your favorite retailer through the app. You get some free SB points for that purchase and also get a gift card. You can then use that gift card on your next shopping trip to purchase whatever you want. This chain of purchase is an efficient way to model your buying so you can earn as many points as possible. 
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You can also enter daily competitions through Swagbucks for limited-time giveaways.
Prizes for Swagbucks sweepstakes include tech gadgets, Apple products, computer products, and tons of SB points. You need to pay some points to enter into each competition, so there is a bit of risk involved but also a lot of reward. 
Dedicating time to make money might be the most obvious, but most underutilized Swagbucks hacks. You simply will need to dedicate a lot time to this money making app if you want to make some decent money. 
When trying to earn money online, the last thing you want to do is get banned from the website or platform you’re using.
Be sure to follow any and all rules that Swagbucks sets to ensure your account remains active and in good standing. 
Once you earn 300 SB points, you can redeem them for rewards., But how, exactly, do you redeem points?
Once you have enough points, you can redeem points by clicking on your point balance in your account on either the website or the app. Swagbucks offers two primary methods of redeeming rewards. 
Once you redeem Swagbucks, it will take about 10 days for your rewards to hit your account to get your free gift cards. Remember that you need to have at least 300 SB points to redeem anything. 
Swagbucks is a great rewards and cashback app to earn some money.
With a few tricks and tips, you can make some nice side income with Swagbucks and get gift cards and rewards to your favorite stores.
Swagbucks make it extremely easy to make money so you can earn points while you are just sitting around doing nothing. 
So if you are already playing on your phone a lot, why not try to make some money using Swagbucks? It takes just minutes to download the app and start earning rewards. 
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