If you own or aspire to own a business, here’s my new list of recommended podcasts for founders and entrepreneurs looking for wisdom on anything from internet marketing, productivity and motivation to virtual assistants, startup growth, and scaling.
In AskPat, fans ask successful online entrepreneur Pat Flynn about online business, entrepreneurship, internet marketing, audience building, passive income, blogging, list building, virtual assistants, startups, search engine optimization, email marketing, and more.
The Art of Charm might be described as a self-improvement podcast, where “curious, hungry, self-motivated people come to learn from an unparalleled mix of teachers, thinkers and mentors.” Hosted by AJ and Jordan Harbinger, the podcast interviews top experts and influencers to discuss finance, entrepreneurship, productivity, lifestyle, and career advice.
Host Todd Henry (author of the books The Accidental CreativeDie Empty, and Louder Than Words) interviews artists, authors and business leaders (Seth Godin and David Allen), while offering how-to tips to build practical, everyday practices that help entrepreneurs stay prolific, brilliant, and healthy in life and work.
Host Ray Edwards, author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller Writing Riches, was once a communications strategist and copywriter for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business, including Tony Robbins. He shares tips on how to start, run, and grow your own Internet-based business and has featured interviews with well-known experts including Michael Hyatt, Cliff Ravenscraft, and Amy Porterfield.
Hosted by online entrepreneur and software business owner Jon Nastor, Hack the Entrepreneur includes guest interviews with entrepreneurs in one of five categories: “Being Wrong,” “Fears,” “Habits,” “Mindset,” and “Ideas.” Nastor does a masterful job summarizing key takeaways from each entrepreneur’s unique path to success.
Jason Calacanis and a rotating group of guest experts bring you a weekly take from the world of entrepreneurship. Looking to start your own company? Need strategies for improving your business of motivating your team? Just want to catch up on what’s happening in Silicon Valley and beyond? This is the place.
Mixergy is where the ambitious learn from a mix of experienced mentors through insightful interviews and courses. Founders tell their stories and teach a solution to issues that can cripple founders. The podcast boasts a star-studded guest list of “proven entrepreneurs” and over 1,000 interviews. Mixergy is hosted by Andrew Warner whose “dig deep” interview style has helped to make the show such a success.
The Growth Everywhere podcast picks the brains of some of the industry’s most successful growth hackers. You’ll get “Growth Bites”  short episodes that cover topics hiring, sales, marketing, productivity, startup growth, scaling, and more. It’s hosted by Eric Siu.
Run by early stage investor Bowery Capital, the podcast series highlights the issues and pain points of early revenue generation. Interviews with startup heavyweights include Shopify, Dropbox, Yesware, and
Business coach Jaime Tardy has dedicated her life to studying what it takes to be a millionaire. She interviews millionaire entrepreneurs about how they got to where they are. Guests share their own success and failure stories, and offer real advice.
Host John Lee Dumas interviews successful entrepreneurs about their experiences, biggest failures, lessons learned, inspirations, motivation, and how they leveraged it all into success. This daily podcast was awarded Best Of iTunes. Dumas has published over 1700 interviews, including talks with Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, and Tim Ferriss.
Being Boss® is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs  the rebels, the quiet ones, the schemers, and the dreamers  who want to “be boss” the way they choose, unapologetically 100% of the time, in work and life. Hosts Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon share stories, advice and conduct interviews focusing on “boss” mindsets, habits and routines, blended with a little bit of hustle.
The Side Hustle Show is a top-rated podcast featuring the business ideas, actionable tips, and strategies to start and grow a successful side business. Host Nick Loper covers all aspects of starting a business and making money, featuring topics such as passive income ideas, niche sites, self-publishing, software and app development, coaching and consulting, freelancing, affiliate marketing, and more.
Hosts Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti deliver useful information on investing in online businesses, building an “online empire” (buying/selling websites and investing in online assets), and navigating the joys and pitfalls of online entrepreneurship.
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