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By Alice Kelly — Written on Apr 09, 2020
Across America and the globe, governments are ordering non-essential workers to stay home in an attempt to halt the spread of COVID-19. While it’s business as usual for many workers, albeit with more loungewear and less appropriate footwear, some sectors have been almost entirely wiped out by these social-distancing efforts.
According to a report, one-third of Americans say they or an immediate family member have lost their job due to the pandemic, resulting in a loss of income for many households. This sudden shift in our working practices has totally altered the way we do business, meaning employers will have their eyes opened to the potential for remote jobs.
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It’s easy to feel trapped in your home with nothing to do except vow to never complain about your daily commute ever again once this is all over. But there are still a variety of exciting remote job opportunities opening up during this crazy time.
Fortunately, many online career portals allow you to filter for remote work, and given the unique global situation almost all new job postings will be flexible when it comes to working from home. Use your screen time wisely by looking through online job postings via LinkedIn, Indeed, or FlexJobs, an awesome platform that specialized in remote work even before it became the new normal.
As well as filtering through these search channels, try networking remotely.
Now that your dream employer is most likely finding themselves with an abundance of free time for replying to emails and LinkedIn messages, cold contacting is as valuable as ever. Besides, who doesn’t want an excuse to avoid the awkwardness of networking events and face-to-face meetings anyway? 
If there’s one thing that has come out of this global crisis, it’s increased compassion; people are more willing to help than you might expect. Try setting up some informational interviews to find out about any upcoming opportunities.
Surprisingly, a lot more companies are hiring than you may think. Thanks to technology, working from home is pretty straightforward across a variety of job roles. Don’t worry if your previous experience doesn’t obviously translate into a remote job; in this changing economic climate, many companies have no choice but to adapt how they operate.
Here’s a breakdown of companies that are hiring right now. Explore their job listings and find something that perfectly suits your interests.
1. CVS Health
CVS Health is “the nation’s largest provider of healthcare services and prescriptions.” You’re probably already accustomed to shopping at CVS, so why not try out a job specializing in helping others?
Work-from-home jobs hiring now: 
2. UnitedHealth Group
UnitedHealth Group consists of United Healthcare, a benefits and insurance provider, and Optum, a provider of tech and health services. This company provides great diversity for anyone interested in continuing a career in the medical field.
Remote jobs hiring now:
3. Oracle
Oracle is a platform service, and they’re looking for workers in fields like marketing, project management, software development, and IT. It’s a good company for individuals who are tech-savvy and want to expand their knowledge.
Remote jobs hiring now:
4. Red Hat
Red Hat is an infrastructure solutions company for cloud computing. The roles on this website offer a great way to loan your computing knowledge and earn money for doing so.
Work-from-home jobs hiring now: 
5. Liveops
Liveops is a customer service solutions center, and is a great idea for people who love people! And if you’re passionate about providing care to customers, this is the opportunity for you.
Work-from-home jobs hiring now:
6. Continuum Global Solutions
Continuum Global Solutions offers customer care services with call centers for companies around the globe. Now you can make someone’s day over the phone as a customer service expert. 
Remote jobs hiring now:
7. K12
K12 provides online educational programs with virtual classrooms for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. If you’ve always wanted to be a teacher, or have gotten laid off recently due to coronavirus, this is a good opportunity to hone your teaching chops. Schools might be out for now, but education isn’t.
Work-from-home jobs hiring now: 
8. Great Minds
Great Minds brings “teachers and scholars together to craft exemplary instructional materials that inspire joy in teaching and learning,” especially in areas like math and science. This company is super diverse in its focus, so definitely check them out and see if you’re the right fit. 
Remote jobs hiring now:
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9. Motorola Solutions
Motorola Solutions is a pioneer in the communications industry, providing services like software, and video and analytics. Those interested in innovation can get on board with this high-profile company, gaining excellent professional experience. 
Work-from-home jobs hiring now: 
10. HubSpot
HubSpot provides software and services geared towards marketing and sales. If your passion is driving sales and meeting your target, these jobs are a good opportunity, especially if you find joy in talking to others.
Remote jobs hiring now:
11. JPMorgan Chase
JPMorgan Chase is quite a popular bank, and you’re certainly familiar with it. There’s no doubt that working for a high-profile company will really boost your resume and give you the job experience you need.
Remote jobs hiring now:
12. Salesforce
Salesforce is a service that connects customers with business and helps them improve their relationship. These guys are known for providing great training as well, so these positions are guaranteed to expand your skill set.  
Work-from-home jobs hiring now: 
13. VMware
VMware is another software company whose main aim is to digitize businesses, for the benefit of the customer. They’re hiring in a variety of roles, so even if you don’t have a tech background, keep them in mind. 
Work-from-home jobs hiring now: 
14. Vitamin T
Vitamin T is a creative talent agency and recruiting firm, focused on connecting freelance workers with marketing and advertising agencies. Creative minds are feeling the hit of the current crisis, but Vitamin T is giving awesome opportunities to adapt to the current climate. 
Work-from-home jobs hiring now: 
15. Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters is a company that “provides information and analysis to the financial, legal, tax, accounting, healthcare, science, and media industries.” Some of their clients will feel a surge due to healthcare demands, so your chances of getting a remote job could be higher.
Remote jobs hiring now:
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