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December is here, which means 2019 is on its way out. And while any New Year is a cause for excitement, 2020 won’t just be the start of a new year — it’ll be the start of a new decade. Whether your goals involve mental health and mindfulness, or learning new things, one of the most important components to seeing them through is motivation. If you need a little nudge, there are lots of motivating podcasts to help you start 2020 on the right foot.
Regardless of what your 2020 goals look like, it’s always nice to have a little help along the way. And it’s worth noting that while people often use the new year to set all kinds of resolutions, it shouldn’t be about putting extreme pressure on yourself. On top of inspiring you, podcasts can help keep you focused, teach you new things about yourself and the world, and give you time to reflect on your own thoughts and experiences.
From fitness tips and mental health advice to ways to be a better romantic partner, here are 20 motivational podcasts that will help you launch the decade with whatever you’re aiming for, whether it’s positivity, health, or success.
If you’re looking to incorporate running into your already busy life, then Another Mother Runner is a great pick. The show’s host, Sarah Bowen Shea, is a mother who spends each weekly episode discussing nutrition, planning a calendar, and other ways to fit fitness into your hectic life.
This year, practice starting off your mornings being in-tune with what’s going on around you. The Daily podcast by The New York Times can help you do that. In just 25 minutes every day, you can get an in-depth breakdown of important current events. You’ll be more aware of your surroundings, and you’ll have some great new conversation starters.
Sometimes you just need a little reminder that your feelings are valid and that other people feel them, too. And The Hardcore Self Help Podcast will do just that for you. The podcast features host Robert Duff, a psychologist who brings a professional opinion to different mental health issues like anxiety and depression. And while even Duff emphasizes that the podcast doesn’t take the place of seeing a mental health expert, it can be the extra relief you need in a day.
Are you bringing some pretty heavy heartbreak with you into 2020? That’s OK; Laura Yates is here for you with her The Bounce Back podcast (previously Let’s Talk Heartbreak). The show includes interviews, real-life stories, and everything else you might need to motivate you to find ways to heal from a broken heart. Plus, nothing feels better when you’re down than knowing there are people there for you who know exactly how you feel.
You already know TEDTalks are some of the most inspirational videos you can find online. So the logical next step is to incorporate the show’s podcast version into your life. TED Radio Hour gives you everything your favorite TEDTalks do — inspiration, motivation, and a few tears — all through the different stories of average, everyday people.
Affirmation Pod with Josie Ong is just what you need to help you get your daily dose of self-love. Not all podcasts have to tell a story or teach you something. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is incorporate affirmations into your everyday life. Affirmation Pod helps you process your surroundings and feel more grounded in them and yourself, and it’s just what you need to start your new year off right.
If you’re going through something rough and need an unbiased, calming voice of advice, Dear Sugar Radio will do the job. The hosts of the show, bestselling authors Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond, interview different callers who talk about tough situations they’re going through, and Strayed and Steve do their best to be voices of support. And when you hear the solidarity between the hosts and guests, you’ll feel just as supported and heard.
If one of your new year’s resolutions is to become more in-tune with your body and your sexuality, then Mènage à Moi might be your next pick of podcast. Each week, the host interviews different women about their experiences with and views on masturbation. They go into topics some people are too afraid to talk about, but are probably on everyone’s minds. The podcast is a great reminder that there’s nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to loving your own body.
Go into the new decade with your eye set on the possibilities of success. The Science of Success features entrepreneurs, mindfulness gurus, and everyone in between in order to give you the most well-rounded methods to achieving what you want in life. The whole point of the show is to focus on self-improvement.
If you need little jolts of motivation from time to time, then The Mindset Mentor with Rob Dial can be your guide. The podcast has more than 300 episodes, and new ones, released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, that focus on different ways to improve yourself and your life.
Where Should We Begin? is a great podcast choice if one of your resolutions is to learn how to be a better partner. Each episode features a therapy session between a couple, where you get to listen in on how therapists advise them to be better to and more understanding of each other. You’ll be able to assess yourself as a partner, and learn new ways to be more attentive and empathetic to your significant other.
Everyone could use a little more happiness in their lives. And Happier with Gretchen Ruben will help you get there. Ruben is the author of the No. 1 bestselling The Happiness Project and gives great advice about how to incorporate practices in your life that will make you — you guessed it — happier! With her advice on how to make little steps go a long way, you’re sure to see a more smiley you this 2020.
Want to get inspired to be a badass this year? Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amorusa is just the daily dose of women empowerment you need. The podcast features Girlboss CEO Amoruso, who interviews different trailblazing women and asks them honest questions about how they achieved their success and how they balance the rest of their lives with their careers. You’ll hear everything — the personal, the powerful, and the vulnerable — and it’ll be just what you need to get to your own success and become your own "girlboss."
If you’re trying to make some serious changes to your daily routine, The 5 AM Miracle Podcast is definitely what you need to listen to. Each episodes features Jeff Sanders, who promotes habits that’ll help you get the most out of your day. You’ll feel your personal productivity sky rocket this 2020 — and maybe you’ll even start waking up at 5 a.m.
Looking to incorporate more meditation in your everyday routine? Well, look no further. The Meditation Podcast features husband-and-wife hosts Jesse and Jeane Stern, who use their 20 years of experience in the healing arts to walk you through different meditations. Each episode will help you clear your mind and recenter yourself, even after the most hectic of days.
If becoming an all-things-sex expert is on your list of 2020 resolutions, then Sex with Emily is here to help. The host, Dr. Emily Morse, talks about everything you might possibly want to know about. Whether you want to learn how to talk dirty, how to strengthen your bond with your partner within a bedroom, or the ins and outs of dating someone new, Morse is there for you.
I mean, who better to start your year off with than Oprah Winfrey herself? Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations is a podcast that features all of Oprah’s most inspiring interviews with bestselling authors, leaders, and spiritual revolutionaries. Plus, all the interviews are hand-selected by Oprah herself — so you know you’re getting the best of the best.
Lewis Howes’ The School of Greatness is exactly as it’s titled. The podcast features guests and advice that help you conquer every aspect of your life, whether it be health, relationships, or your mindset. Plus, with more than 4 million downloads per month, you know you’re in for something worthwhile.
The Minimalists is a podcast that will help you prepare for the new year and decade by decluttering your life and making space for the important things. The show’s hosts, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, share tips with readers on how to be more satisfied in life with less. With advice on everything from budgeting to thinking positively, you’re sure to start the year off with a fresh start.
Whichever aspect of your life you want to work on, there’s a podcast that can help you figure out the ropes.
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