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Subaru confirmed Thursday that the sold order allotment for the 2022 BRZ has been reached, meaning customers can no longer place individual orders for the model year. Dealers still have incoming retail allocations and customers can still buy off the lot, but those who want to order one exactly how they’d like will have to wait for slots in the 2023 allocation. 
According to the forum, some customers were told last week that they could no longer place orders for 2022 BRZs. A dealer communication indicated that hot initial demand for the updated coupe had caused a bit of a run on initial allotments, with more than 1,000 units being sold in December alone. 
“Adding to this success was an exceptionally high number of sold orders, indicating demand is consuming our expected supply well into the future,” the statement continued. “Sold orders have reached the point where they have nearly consumed our expected supply for the ’22 model year. To increase the odds that we can deliver on the orders already promised, and to reduce the odds that we do not have to cancel any orders already created, we must close Sold Orders for the ‘22MY BRZ.”
Autoblog reached out to Subaru for confirmation this week and was told by a spokesperson that ordering has indeed closed for the model year but that retail outlets will continue to receive non-sold-order inventory. 
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