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BMW just dropped its full 2023 model year pricing guide, and while prices are generally up across the board, we couldn’t help but notice the extra-fat increases to all of BMW’s M models.
Starting with the 2023 BMW M3, the base manual model is up $2,700 versus the 2022 model. Meanwhile, the M3 Competition models (RWD and xDrive) are both up $3,700. The M4 and M4 Competition price increases mirror the M3’s, too. This makes the new base price of an M3 $73,795, and the M4’s basement price is $75,695.
If you’re interested in the M5, know that the 2023 model is $4,200 more than the 2022 model, putting its new base price at $108,895. The desirable M550i even gets a steep increase of $3,100 for 2023.

On the extra-expensive side of M cars, there’s the just-refreshed M8. BMW dramatically dropped M8 prices — by up to $16,000 — for the 2022 model year, but they’re on the rise in 2023. The M8 Coupe and Gran Coupe are up $4,100 to give them a new $135,095 base price. Meanwhile, the M8 Convertible is up $4,200 for a new base price of $144,695. The Alpina B8 is also up for 2023, as it sees a $5,000 bump to its base price. We’ll note that these prices are still considerably lower than the 2020 model year, but they’re less of a bargain than they were in 2022.
Moving to M SUVs, prices are up, but not as dramatically as the sedans and coupes. The BMW X3 M, X4 M and X5 M all see $2,800 price increases for 2023. If you had your eyes on an X6 M, we’re sorry to say that it gets the greatest increase of all the SUVs, going up $4,100 to a new base price of $114,695. Lastly, the BMW iX M60’s price is already going up, and its new starting point is $109,895, or $3,800 more than was previously announced.
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