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Chevy’s performance electric crossover SUV is finally here. Or at least it sort of is. Technically, the 2024 Chevy Blazer SS EV‘s not being fully revealed until July 18. But before Chevy provides all the juicy details, it’s at least showing off the look of the vehicle, and it doesn’t look too bad.
Unlike the current, gas-powered Blazer, the new one tones down the angular, razor sharp lines. But there’s still plenty going on. The key design cue seems to be the “Coke bottle” shape with a pinched middle and exaggerated fenders over the wheel arches. That shape is amplified by the dark, low roof and lower trim. The sides also feature stylish fender vents that flow into scalloped sections of the front doors.
The front fascia is a bit busy, which seems to be a trend of recent Chevy products. But it does look wide and aggressive, as expected for a performance vehicle. It also has an en vogue full-width daytime running light bar, with main headlights tucked in just underneath it. Also notable are the lower front spoiler and side skirts that look like add-ons. We’re curious if they’re optional parts or possibly something exclusive to this SS variant.
Chevy hasn’t said anything yet about the Blazer’s stats, which will come with the July reveal. Certainly the company has a wide array of electric motors and battery configurations to pick from with its growing slate of upcoming EVs. It will also almost certainly offer available dual-motor all-wheel drive. The last little detail Chevy did share with this preview is that the Blazer EV will go on sale next spring as a 2024 model.
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