As you will see further down in this article on alternatives to WordPress, it still has many advantages that make it so popular, but there can also be some disadvantages – especially when you are not comfortable with computers. Below, we have therefore established a selection of CMS which are accessible to everyone, and which will allow everyone to create a site without any computer knowledge.
Summary of the best alternatives to WordPress:
– SEO features
– Free offer
– Optimized dropshipping / e-commerce
– Logo generator included
– App Market (200+ apps)
Our opinion : The reference for site creators
– Quality templates
– Very easy to use
– Excellent customer support
– Many new features
Our opinion :
Whether on WordPress or Wix, the creation of a website happens in the same way: you have to rely on an existing site template (WordPress offers a much wider choice than Wix) and then you have to add features (“plugins”) such as contact forms that add dynamism to the site.
If WordPress leaves very little flexibility to its users in modifying the basic model (without computer knowledge), Wix is ​​a much more flexible – and much more efficient – ​​editor. It is today an undeniable advantage to Wix that everyone will recognize without a doubt. The company, which is listed on the stock exchange, has more than 109 million users. It offers a free solution, and its paid version offers a 14-day trial.
Take advantage of the free offer
Indeed, as you can see in our test and opinion on Wix, or on the screenshot below, you can directly edit your website in “WYSIWYG” mode (What you see is what you get), on the website itself.
Add content © Wix x
On WordPress, site editing is done on several levels – which can make editing a bit tricky at times. Indeed, you should know that design changes are not made in one single place, and that there can therefore quickly be confusion.
The modifications are made at the level of the WordPress structure, at the level of the chosen site model (which generally largely modifies the design), and possibly also at the level of the “plugins”. Similarly, updating site templates and plugins sometimes involves technical challenges that not everyone can master.
WordPress editor ©
In the end, if the great advantage of a WordPress is to be open source and open to all developers, it is also a bit of a disadvantage. Wix is ​​much more closed, but the features are not redundant. If we had to compare, WordPress would be an open “Android” solution while Wix would rather be “iOS” with a closed ecosystem. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.
So if we had to give an opinion, WordPress is much more interesting for those who are ready to take the time to create their site (because they will benefit from much more advanced functionalities), while Wix is ​​a practical turnkey solution. for those who do not master computers, and who do not have time to train on the subject. At Presse-citron, we chose to go with WordPress because it offers a lot more features, and a much more advanced contributor management system.
Note that both WordPress and Wix have a free basic solution. Each then offers to provide a dedicated domain name (a site address) as well as hosting via a paid monthly subscription.
See the Wix offer
Originally from Europe, Zyro expanded to the French market a few years ago. Currently, its solution has been adopted by hundreds of thousands of users around the world and a huge number of e-merchants.
Zyro is a very good alternative to WordPress, and it will meet a different type of request. In this case, as for the other two players, Zyro offers a site template system on which you rely to customize and create your site. Like its competitor Wix, Zyro really relies on simplicity while leaving the possibility of being able to touch the technique (such as the integration of an HTML text editor, or the export of its database on another hosting).
Zyro offers a hundred designs as aesthetically worked as Wix. Below you can see an example template available on Zyro. The rendering is very professional and the visuals are up to date. Zyro also has an e-commerce option allowing you to create your online store and manage the sale of your products directly from the platform.
© Zyro
Most WordPress alternatives have a free template and a paid template. This is also the case with Zyro since a free version (without a dedicated domain name, and with advertisements) is available. The paid versions at €2.50, €2.90, €7.90 and €13.90 per month are still less expensive than if you had used a developer and independent hosting. In addition, you can make improvements to it whenever you want.
Discover Zyro
To find more details, do not hesitate to consult our detailed comparison of Zyro and WordPress.
Drupal is a CMS that was created “by developers for developers” and is therefore slightly more complicated to learn than a solution like Wix, Weebly or WordPress. Drupal is a content management solution that is aimed at a technically literate audience, which is why it is perhaps less popular.
This disadvantage can also be an advantage: indeed, thanks to the great flexibility of Drupal, it is possible to obtain much more advanced results thanks to more advanced functionalities. This will largely depend on the technical skills of its user: if he is up to it, he will obtain much more convincing results than on any other CMS.
As you can see in the screenshot below, the management space is also less aesthetically pleasing than the other advanced WordPress alternatives above. Update : since version 8 of Drpual, the text editor (WordPress integrates Tiny MCE by default) is automatically integrated. Previously, you had to first download one from Drupal otherwise there will only be a basic form to enter content.
Drupal Editor © Drupal
If your intention is above all to create a blog with relevant thoughts, Medium is now a very popular platform around the world. The greatest speakers and personalities in the world speak on this content delivery platform. It is free for those who wish to create content, and readers will have to pay a monthly subscription beyond 3 articles.
Founded in 2012 by Evan Williams, the founder of Twitter and Blogger, Medium offers anyone the opportunity to open a public blog there with the possibility of monetizing it. It is therefore not strictly speaking an independent website creation tool, but rather a space on which you can publish your opinions. Medium wanted to simplify the use as much as possible with a basic text editor, as you can see below.
Medium Editor © Github
Today, Medium has established itself as a platform for quality content – ​​and it will potentially have more traction than an independent website. The service does not hesitate to promote the most popular articles, which makes it easier to gain visibility than on a standalone site.
However, this also has drawbacks since it is not possible to personalize your space and the tools for interacting with the community are limited. Medium is therefore an alternative to WordPress, but it only concerns a very specific type of use.
With these words, it is already time to conclude our presentation of the best alternatives to WordPress. As you can see, the choices are endless.
Each alternative that we have been able to present to you will meet different needs (simplicity, security, diversity of templates, specialization in e-commerce, blogging, etc.).
That said, we believe that Wix is ​​positioned as a reference if you ever want to break away from the WordPress CMS. Its offer is simple, complete, and will allow you to create and manage any type of site.
As a reminder, here is our ranking:
And you, what is your favorite alternative to WordPress?

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