Summer is around the corner, which means beach getaways and family vacations are also on the horizon. While the rest of your friends search Amazon for their summer book list, you should find great podcasts to fill your time with
If you are late to the podcast game, they’re books for people who like to multitask. I’ve been working on the first season of my podcast the past couple of months and it’s taught me a lot about all the brilliant podcasts out there.
Here is my top seven list of motivating and helpful podcasts for entrepreneurs and go-getters:
This podcast has been recommended as the No. 1 entrepreneurial podcast. The MFCEO Project Podcast‘s host, Andy Frisella, is an entrepreneur and CEO who wants to help his audience build the confidence and habits to go “balls to the wall” and, as Andy says it, “Win big at businesses and life.”
Notable guests who have appeared on this show include serial entrepreneur Gary Vee, author and thought leader Lewis Howes, and the head of the World Financial Group, Ed Mylett. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to surround yourself with motivation and ambition, this podcast is for you.
This is a next-level podcast with a huge (around 100 people) team and plenty of resources. They are a part of Andreessen Horowitz, which is a venture capital firm. Because of this, the a16z Podcast is able to dive deep into an array of topics and give concrete and helpful advice.
Their two main hubs of content are tech and “how-to.” Within these two categories, they cover topics such as networking, cryptocurrencies, SaaS, career and self-development, innovation curves, and marketing (to name a few). I love this podcast and the way that they continuously divulge major insights into whatever it is they are talking about. It covers an array of topics essential for entrepreneurs on the rise.
If you haven’t heard of Lori Harder (Google her, she’ll change your life), she’s an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire who empowers others to do to the same by exploring transformative work, self-love, and mindfulness. 
Her podcast is all about teaching her audience how to create habits and mindsets that allow them to not only succeed but thrive. My own experiences working at various startups have taught me that personal development and career development go hand in hand. If your self-sabotaging habits are getting in the way of your career and entrepreneurial pursuits, spend your summer listening to Earn Your Happy
Every entrepreneur needs to stop what they are doing and listen to this podcast if they want to learn the ins and outs of becoming profitable. Each episode is a mini guide to entrepreneurial success. This will teach you everything from growing your audience, to growing your company, to growing your income, and more.
The host of the Smart Passive Income Podcast is Pat Flynn, who is an experienced entrepreneur, blogger, and podcaster. The show is as informative as it is inspiring. This podcast teaches you how to follow your dreams by building a career made for you. 
If you are looking for a source of inspiration over the summer, look no further. The host of this podcast is Lewis Howes, a New York Times best-selling author and lifestyle entrepreneur. He uses his podcast to talk to some of the world’s most inspirational people. 
Sitting down with leaders of their industry (ranging anywhere from entrepreneurship to sports to music), The School of Greatness discusses inspiring stories about what brings out “greatness” in people. If you are in-between jobs, an entrepreneur starting your next venture, or just someone who needs some extra excitement in your life, this podcast should be at the top of your “to listen to” list.
Where my ladies at? This podcast is for you. Every week  She Did It Her Way host Amanda Boleyn sits down with incredible female entrepreneurs who are running businesses (and living their best lives) their way.
As a female, I find this podcast extremely humbling, motivating, and informative. If you are a female entrepreneur, freelancer, or small-business owner, make this a priority to listen to.
Do you want to know what it’s like to build your own startup? This podcast, created by Gimlet Media, hits the nail on the head. They really get into the trenches and show their listeners what it’s like to build a business from the ground up. 
If you are currently building a company, or if you ever have or ever want to, download this tonight. It’s incredibly informative and does a brilliant job of discussing the typical triumphs and failures that all kinds of entrepreneurs encounter. 

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