Does the thought of a financial podcast summon images of your college accounting professor droning on and on in a too-warm lecture hall?
Well, it is time to ditch the flashback. Because these top podcasts won’t put you to sleep at the wheel. I’ve rounded up the best money podcasts that are as entertaining as they are educational.
Check out details on each show, direct from the hosts. Then, transform your commute or morning run by subscribing. You may even end up sneaking a listen at your desk.
1. So Money with Farnoosh Torabi
So Money focuses on helping you lead a happier, wealthier life. Farnoosh Torabi interviews big names in finance, business and self-improvement every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but focuses on uncovering their unique story. In every episode, So Money makes complex topics and the lessons of billionaires and business moguls accessible to everyone.
When asked about the podcast, Torabi says, “My hope for listeners is that they will find inspiration from the intimate and detailed money stories, that they will be motivated to dream bigger and live their best financial lives. When listeners write to me and say that they were able to finally ask for that raise (and get it!) or buy a house, start a business or squash their debt because of the show, it simply makes my life!”
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2. Stacking Benjamins with Joe Saul-Sehy, OG & the gang
Joe, OG, Doug and the crew at Stacking Benjamins are laugh-out-loud funny. With plenty for the finance geek or the newbie, you’ll feel like your chatting with friends. And you may even learn a little bit in between the fun.
When I asked Joe about the team’s mission at Stacking Benjamins, he said, “Where some podcasts try to be the last word in personal finance, Stacking Benjamins was designed to just spark the conversation. We want to introduce our friends to lots of concepts, ideas, and motivating stories. I personally like fast-paced, lightweight shows, so we present everything in a magazine-style format, covering headlines, a main story, and listener money questions every episode… all from my mom’s half-finished basement.”
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3. Afford Anything with Paula Pant
On Afford Anything, Paula Pant interviews experts and answers listeners questions on finance, real estate, entrepreneurship, personal development and more. She wants you to know that you can do anything you want with money, but not everything. You’ll finish every episode ready to start making progress on your goals.
When asked about the podcast, Pant shares, “Afford Anything is here to help you make better decisions about how to make the most of any limited resource, including your time, money and energy. We feature interviews with a diverse array of experts in every field from psychology to behavioral economics to investing, and we answer audience-submitted questions about how they can retire early, reach financial independence, travel more, and maximize their wealth and life.”
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4. ChooseFI with Jonathan Mendonsa & Brad Barrett
Only started in January 2017, ChooseFI has already developed a cult-like following. Their private Facebook group has over 20,000 members pursuing financial independence and is a gathering place for anyone who wants to optimize their finances and life. On the podcast, Jonathan and Brad discuss how you can reduce expenses, eliminate debt, optimize credit card rewards, and more to design a life you love.
ChooseFI also helps listeners understand that becoming financially independent is about a lot more than money. Brad shares, “We view FI as a ‘life optimization strategy’ that goes way beyond just the nuts and bolts of personal finance and allows you to take a step back, figure out what you want from life, what makes you happy, and what you truly value and run towards that life of purpose, connection, and happiness.”
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5. Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn
With over 33 million downloads, Pat Flynn’s podcast Smart Passive Income is no secret. If you’re interested in developing an online business or side hustle, Pat is your guy. But he isn’t going to let you sit on the sidelines.
He wants listeners to take action. Flynn told me his goal is that “the podcast will not only inspire people and open up their eyes to opportunities they never knew existed, but also get them to start taking action and begin seeing results! I want people to realize what their superpowers are and discover how to use them for good, to help and serve others, and as a byproduct, build a long-lasting business that can change their lives, too.”
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6. The Fairer Cents with Kara Perez and Tanja Hester
Kara and Tanja are the feminist best friends you wish you had. Together, they are “crushing the patriarchy” by shining a light the money issues that are unique to women. This podcast isn’t about financial advice, but on the complex issues that surround money for women. A must listen podcast for anyone who is ready to change the status quo.
The Fairer Cents is focused on making an impact. When asked about their goals, Tanja emphasizes that “there are plenty of podcasts out there that give women tips on how to manage money, there’s not a lot of conversation happening about the broader societal and systemic factors that make women’s experience with money so different from men’s. We’re trying to change that.”
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7. Listen, Money Matters with Andrew Fiebert & Thomas Frank
Andrew and Thomas offer uncensored, straight shooter advice every week over a cold beer. Listen, Money Matters covers tough topics without all the lecturing and while making room for real life. Grab a drink (if you aren’t driving) and listen up.
In describing Listen, Money Matters on the website, Andrew states, “We live in a world where most people graduate from high school with little education in how to manage their money. Given that most of us are destined to earn money, lacking basic personal finance knowledge is more than just a minor oversight… We’ve come together to try and create an ultimate personal finance resource so that you don’t need to work hard to keep your cash under control.
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8. What Works | Small Business Podcast with Tara Gentile
Running a small business in the digital age has a whole new host of complications. Tara Gentile interviews business owners to find out what is really working for them. From marketing techniques to hiring strategies and business models, Tara is letting listeners peek in on how others handle the struggle of entrepreneurism.
This podcast is about real life, not feel-good stories. In speaking with Tara, she shares, “Our goal with What Works is to highlight the many, many, many different ways small business owners generate revenue, give back, find customers, manage their teams, and find the time to grow. We hope that by sharing the nitty gritty details of what works and what doesn’t, our listeners can start to see all the options in front of them—not merely the advice or best practices you hear on other podcasts. Plus, the show helps to fill my own insane curiosity about how others run their businesses!”
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9. Money For The Rest Of Us with David Stein
David Stein is a former institutional investor who is focused on helping DIY investors make smart choices. When you’re managing your own money, it is hard to know if you’re doing the right thing. David’s thoughtful and experienced advice will help you stay on the path to success.
With Money For The Rest Of Us, David wanted to make the swings of financial markets less stressful. His goal is to “create a podcast that helps individual investors understand what is going on with the economy and financial markets and how it impacts their individual investment portfolios. Hopefully, that understanding will help them feel less worried and more in control of their financial lives.”
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