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Strategies that transcend the type of housing market we're in
Staying productive and focused in the real estate market requires a combination of intelligent business decisions, technology and having a long-term approach to your strategy. 
In today’s fast-paced market, it’s easy for real estate agents to get caught up in scoring quick wins instead of developing a long-term strategy that guarantees sustainable success. Hence, achieving consistent success requires you to automate day-to-day tasks so that real estate agents can focus on dollar productive activities that produce tangible results regardless of the market’s condition.
These activities drive consistent digital demand by automating your lead generation programs, prospecting, and growing your database. That way, real estate agents can close sales without losing any potential leads.
To start, real estate agents need to prioritize the strategies below to free up time to focus on dollar productive activities.
Driving Real Estate Productivity with BoomTown’s Success Assurance
Success Assurance is a game-changer in the real estate market because agents can now focus on working with hot leads and closing active sales. At the same time, the technology works in the background to deliver high-quality leads.
Through the Success Assurance service, BoomTown qualifies over 100,000 leads on behalf of their real estate customers and has maximized the return on investment (ROI) for its clients.
The Success Assurance technology works by acting as a concierge service — on behalf of a real estate agent — by contacting leads in as little as  90 seconds, 24 hours, seven days a week to deliver transaction-ready prospects to the agents. Speed-to-lead, guaranteed.
Additionally, the Success Assurance service engages and nurtures leads for up to one year from when they registered. This way, the real estate agent can focus on dollar productive activities such as showing homes, accelerating conversions, and closing sales.
In essence, Success Assurance is an extension of your real estate agents but with the added benefit of automating the day-to-day tasks of generating and nurturing leads. This automation creates customized scripts the concierge will use to contact your leads. For example, if your real estate company targets military clients, the notes will contain information relevant to them in a language that fits a military-based buyer.
As much as Success Assurance is a tech-led service, actual people (not bots) contact and qualify your leads. This is pegged on the premise that real estate is a sensitive industry that requires time and effort to build trust. As such, by using a combination of real people and technology, real estate companies can build trust while automating the repetitive tasks of lead management and ensure high engagement throughout the nurturing process.
So, who can benefit from Success Assurance? The Success Assurance service is ideal for brokers who purchase the service on behalf of their agents, Inside Sales Agents (ISAs) and single agents.
Since most agents work a typical schedule of nine to five, the concierge services take over and work from five till morning. This round-the-clock operation ensures no lead is left behind and increases your chances of scoring successful sales.
Additionally, speed-to-lead is critical in maximizing as many opportunities as possible that come from your digital demand creation activities, driving more ROI from your lead generation investment. However, it’s not always possible for a real estate agent to engage newly captured leads because they may be engaged in a closing or home tour.
This is where BoomTown‘s services start building relationships with potential leads without a real estate agent.
Bottom Line
Regardless of the market conditions presented in 2022, real estate agents will benefit from having a long-term, manageable strategy. Success Assurance operates to help agents build sustainable, compound growth, no matter how crazy the market may be. 
Get in touch with BoomTown to optimize and increase the success of your lead generation programs.
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