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The Salt Lake City-based company outsources the tedious process of lead generation, or “cold calling,” for brands looking to maximize sales opportunities. In June of 2022, Launch Leads rolled out a new proprietary technology built on the team’s expertise in lead generation best practices. In just two months, the company has seen a 22% increase in conversations and an 11% increase in total appointments booked. With average lead generation contact rates hovering around 18 to 20 percent, these advances shatter industry norms.
Launch Leads’ new software employed AI technology to constantly learn and adapt to leads’ responses using real-time data. By identifying positive trends and then adjusting the specific lead generation channel or strategy, this software has increased Launch Leads’ ability to deliver valuable sales opportunities faster than ever. In fact, for one client in the financial services industry, Launch Leads was able to deliver an incredible 24% increase in contacts and a 27% increase in meetings booked over a two-month period.
With a client base that includes healthcare, IT, SaaS, logistics, and more, Launch Leads works with a varied pool of leads. CEO and President Scott Smith says the company’s diverse clientele was a driving factor for this new technology. “Our clients run the gamut of industries so it’s hard to establish one concrete methodology; what works for appointment setting with one industry may not work for another. That’s why we built this solution to be fluid, and we’re already seeing incredible results.”
Launch Leads is a premier B2B sales solution used by leading sales teams across the country. Inc. has named Launch Leads One of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies. For more information about their comprehensive services, such as Dead Lead Revival and Trade Show Lead Generation, visit launchleads.com.
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