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Are you looking for a Podkastr review? Is Podkastr a scam?

Podcasting is growing rapidly. Over 425 million people listen to podcasts, or 20% of all internet users. By 2028, this industry will generate $100 billion in revenue. 

Growing numbers of people listen to podcasts while driving, working out, or doing other daily tasks. Making a successful podcast can be a challenge, however. 

Podcasts require creating traffic-drawing content, recording episodes yourself, creating a podcast website, and paying monthly for web hosting. Furthermore, podcast distribution requires creating customized RSS feeds. This is one of the reasons Podkastr is so valuable. 

Podkastr provides an all-in-one podcasting solution that creates, hosts, and distributes unlimited podcasts in 100+ languages.

To help you make an informed decision, I have done thorough research about Podkastr in the past few weeks, so I can tell you everything you need to know.

Key Takeaways: Podkastr Review

Product Name:Podkastr
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Overall Rank4.9/5
Podkastr Scam or Legit:It’s not a scam
Who is it For:Newbie to Expert in Podcasting

In this Podkastr review, I’m going to cover the following topics.

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What Is Podkastr?

By using artificial intelligence, Podkastr lets you quickly create podcasts. The 6 artificial intelligence engines in Podkastr allow it to create, host, and distribute unlimited podcasts in more than 100 languages. Podkastr’s podcast tools are simple and intuitive. 

You can even start podcasting without any prior experience. The software also offers various features, such as transcription, artificial intelligence voice generation, and article to podcast conversion. 

If your podcast is listed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podcast Index, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, HeartRadio, Overcast, Castbox, etc., you can reach millions of potential listeners.

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Pros of Podkastr 

1. Recordings Aren’t Necessary

With Podkastr, you do not have to record your own voice or any other audio content. You can create podcasts easily and quickly with Podkastr’s easy-to-use recorder.

2. Language is no longer a problem

Podkastr also supports 100+ languages. Your podcasts can thus reach a global audience.

3. Repurposing of content

You can also repurpose your existing content with Podkastr. Podcasts can easily be created from blog posts or ebooks. They are a great way to drive more traffic to your website.

4. Seamless Integration

You can also easily integrate Podkastr with autoresponders such as Mailchimp, GetResponse, Mailvio, and Aweber. Your subscribers will be notified of your podcast episodes automatically.

5. Unlimited Podcast Hosting

You can host unlimited podcasts on your website. You can keep your podcast episodes online for your listeners to access.

6. Podcast distribution made easy

Podcasts are distributed via 20 different platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. You can reach an even wider audience this way.

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Podkastr Cons And Complaints

1. Podcast Length Limit

Podkastr has the disadvantage that its podcasts are limited to 15 minutes. You may run into trouble if you want to create a longer podcast.

2. No Free Trial

Podkastr does not offer a free trial, which is another disadvantage. Podkastr must be paid for before you can use it.

I’m a bit disappointed about this. It seems that Podkastr is not so confident in its product.

3. Podcast Quality

Your podcast’s quality also depends on how well you record it. Podcasts will sound bad if you have a poor-quality microphone. You can, however, create a more professional podcast by using its built-in text-to-speech converter. 

4. Podkastr Cannot Make You Become Rich Quickly

Podkastr doesn’t mean to be a shortcut to make you rich quickly. Podkastr is a tool that can save you a lot of time and effort in creating podcasts.

You cannot expect to make a lot of money immediately after using Podkastr. Because ultimately, it depends on the popularity of your product. You still need to promote your product that meet the needs of people in order to make money. But once you have you offer ready, i’d bet you start making a six figure income effortlessly after learning the software.

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Positive and Negative Feedback by Real Users

We have collected some positive and negative feedback from the users of Podkastr for your reference.

Positive Feedback

  • Quickly create high-converting podkastr for any business or niche
  • Fix an existing funnel that isn’t working fast
  • Increase website conversions by 10x
  • Up to 5x faster and easier lead generation
  • Your customer retention will skyrocket
  • Your email blasts will get 90% more opens and clicks
  • Increase your brand’s credibility, authority, and trust by getting video testimonials in just seconds
  • Any device can be used. Suitable for Mac, Windows, iPad3. Zero technical skills required.
  • Regular updates & dedicated support
  • Money back guarantee for 14 days

Negative Feedback

  • No free trial
  • A bit expensive for PodKastr Agency Pro Bundle

What Are the Features of Podkastr?

Content Converter Engine

With this engine you can type or paste your content and it will be converted to a podcast. It is available in more than 100 languages.

Article Converter Engine

It allows you to convert any blogpost or article into a podcast. You can use this if you want to repurpose content into podcasts.

Ebook Converter Engine

Create podcasts from your favorite eBooks. Podkastr can convert a Kindle book or pdf into a podcast.

Video Converter Engine

Any YouTube video content can be converted to a podcast using the Video Converter Engine. Repurposing content is a great way to reach a wider audience.

Audio Recorder Engine

With this easy-to-use recorder, you can record your own voice or any other audio content. You don’t need any expensive equipment or software.

Audio Uploader Engine

Audio files in .mp3 format can be uploaded here. If you want to create your own podcast with your own audio content, this feature is very useful.

Podcast Hosting

You can host unlimited podcasts on Podkastr. It’s a great way to keep your podcast episodes available online.

Podcast Distribution

You can distribute your podcasts on 20 different platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. By doing so, your podcast is available to a larger audience.

Podcast Statistics

Your podcast’s performance can be tracked in detail with podkastr’s podcast statistics. Keeping track of your progress and improving your content strategy is a great way to achieve success.

Audio Embedder

Your Audio can be embedded on any website and blog. You can use this to increase your audience and gain more listeners.

Podcast Player

You can embed Podkastr on your website for a beautiful, customizable podcast player. You can create an immersive experience for your listeners this way.

Natural Voice Engine

With 265 life-like, human-sounding voices at your disposal, you are guaranteed to grab your audience’s attention and gain their trust. This will result in higher conversions and more sales.

Supports 100+ Languages

With Podkastr, your podcasts can be heard in 100+ languages worldwide.

SEO-Friendly Podcast Pages

Create a beautiful podcast page for Podkastr’s website that is SEO-friendly. You can use this to increase your visibility and reach more people.

One Podcast Website

You can manage all your podcasts from one easy-to-use website. Podcast episodes are easy to organize and search.

Auto Share to Social Media Platforms

Podkastr automatically shares your podcasts across multiple social media platforms, so you can reach more people.

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How Can You Use Podkastr?

Podcast for Education

Education is one of the best ways to utilize Podkastr. You can convert your speeches into podcasts using Podkastr if you are good at public speaking. You can share your knowledge with the world and reach a wider audience this way.

Podcast for Business

Podkastr is useful for business. Podkastr allows you to create podcasts about your products or services. You will reach a wider audience and promote your business this way.

Podcast for Entertainment

You can use podkastr for entertainment. Podkastr lets you create podcasts about your favorite topics. It’s a great way to reach a wider audience and entertain your listeners. There are many ways to use Podkastr. Podkastr is a versatile tool that can be applied to a variety of tasks.

Who Is Podkastr For?

Podkastr is a great podcast player for those who want a great-looking player they can customize. This is great for podcasters wanting a human voice. This is helpful for podcasters who wish to reach a global audience with their content. You’ll love it if you’re a podcaster looking for an easy-to-use podcast website.

Podkastr is also a great option for the following people:

  • A simple solution for podcasters who want to create and distribute their podcasts.
  • Bloggers interested in repurposing their content into podcasts.
  • Those who wish to reach a larger audience with their audio content.
  • Podcasts for businesses that wish to market themselves.
  • Marketing affiliates who want to create podcasts to promote their products and services.

You can see that Podkastr offers a great solution for those who want to quickly and easily create and distribute podcasts. If you are looking for an all-in-one podcasting solution, Podkastr could be the right choice for you.

What Makes Podkastr Better?

Podkastr is the only podcasting solution that offers a complete set of features for creating, hosting, and distributing podcasts. The following are the three top reasons why Podkastr is superior to its competition:

6 Ways to Create Podcasts

You can create custom podcasts using six engines. Enter your content into the content converter and it will convert it to a podcast. 

You can use the article converter engine to create podcasts from any article. The eBook converter engine lets you create podcasts from any ebook. 

Any YouTube video can be converted into a podcast with the video converter engine. You will be able to record your audio inside the podkastr app using the audio recorder engine. You can upload your audio files in .mp3 format using the audio uploader engine

Translation and transcription in more than 100 languages with a single click

Podkastr offers one-click translation and transcription to more than 100 languages, which sets it apart from other podcasting tools such as Anchor and Podbean. Your content can be easily translated into different languages to reach a global audience.

No monthly fee for unlimited usage

There is no monthly fee for Podkastr. Podkastr allows you to create and host unlimited podcasts. In addition, it allows you to host and distribute podcasts. 

So, you can keep your podcasts online and available to listeners without having to pay a monthly subscription fee. 

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How Does Podkastr Work?

In order to create a podcast, there are three steps.

Step 1

Start by creating or uploading your audio. 

To do this, you can choose any of our six engines.

Step 2

Next, you need to customize your podcast details. Your podcast description, title, and cover art should all be customized.

Step 3

The third step is publishing and distributing your podcast across 20 different distribution platforms. The podcast will be available on smartphones, computers, and tablets.

Podkastr Pricing

Podkastr has two plans for its front-end. First is the “Personal Basics Plan” and second is the “Commercial Platinum”. 

Here is a breakdown of what each plan offers and how much each costs. 

Personal Basics Plan ($47): 

With Podkaster’s Personal Basics Plan, you can type or paste your content and it will be converted into a podcast, convert any article or blogpost to a podcast, convert any ebook (in PDF format) to a podcast, and convert any video from YouTube to a podcast. 

Additionally, the App includes an Audio Recorder Engine, which lets you record your own audio and upload it to PodKastr in an mp3 format. 

You can publish and distribute your podcast on 20 different platforms with Podkaster’s Personal Basics Plan. 

With 265 human-like voices, you’ll be able to captivate your audience and increase sales. Your podcast can be translated into more than 100 languages. 

Podkaster’s Personal Basics Plan entails the following:

  • Auto-generated, seo-friendly podcast pages
  • 3 podcast episodes
  • 1 podcast website
  • 15 minutes max recording time
  • 15 minutes max audio upload time

Commercial Platinum ($67): 

Podkastr commercial plan includes everything on the Personal Basics Plan plus more, such as:

  • Auto-generated, seo-friendly podcast pages
  • 10 podcast episodes
  • 1 podcast website
  • 15 minutes max recording time
  • and 15-minute max audio upload.

It is also possible to sell as a service to clients.

Entrepreneurs, online marketing professionals, and business professionals interested in creating podcasts for their business or brand will benefit from Podkaster’s Commercial Platinum Plan.

Bundle Deal $297

If you want to get full access to all the OTOs offered by Podkastr, then this bundle will save you some money. A one-time payment will give you access to all the funnel’s upsells and OTO’s.

Bundle Deal – $297 one-time payment includes all upsells!

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What are the Upsells of Podkastr?

The OTOs and upgrades that come with Podkastr are fully optional, and you don’t have to get them to take advantage of the main features of Podkastr. However, you may find these upgrades useful. Podkastr offers the following upgrades:

Podkastr Oto Upgrade 1: Agency Pro ($47-$97)

Podkastr Agency Pro gives you unlimited recording minutes, the ability to create unlimited podcast websites, and tons of other features to help you start your very own podcasting agency. 

The DFY podcasting agency website includes workspaces for your team members and virtual assistants, proposals, contract papers, graphics assets, and ad copy to help you sell podcasting services.

Podkastr Oto Upgrade 2: Dfy Whitelabel Website ($97)

You will be able to create a professional Podcasting service with this upgrade. All your Podcasting websites can be linked with a custom domain, and our logo can be replaced with your own.

Podkastr Oto Upgrade 3: Reseller ($197-$297)

You can resell PodKastr and keep all the profits if you have reseller rights. Selling software can make you a lot of money. 

Users will receive a resellers license, a resellers dashboard, and marketing assets (such as sales pages, ads, email swipes, etc.) that will be done for them. Customer support is also included.

Who Is The Creator Of Podkastr?

Jai Sharma and Kelechi Mmonu created Podkastr, a podcast for online marketers. 

Jai Sharma is a prominent online entrepreneur whose work has appeared in Forbes and DataQuest. In addition, he has won several international awards. He also speaks internationally about innovative marketing strategies. 

Kelechi Mmonu has been a developer for ten years and is an expert in AI. She is the managing director of Catex Technologies and a senior technology consultant for SnapiLABs. She is also a certified trainer in the internet business. 

Podkastr Review: Final Verdict

Podkastr is brought to you by a well-established vendor on JVZoo. Sharma has been featured on Forbes and is a well-known internet marketer. Behind Podkastr are a strong team of developers.

It’s great software. It makes podcasting simple and fast. All you have to do is come up with a podcast idea, and Podkastr will create it for you. Usually automatically.

To create content, be sure to add your own personality to it, add your own text, maybe rewrite it so it is unique. If you are using other people’s content, make sure to add your own touch. It’s nice that they provide you with an AI text-to-speech program, but you should use your own voice.

It feels more natural, and people are more engaged. A podcast is a great source of traffic right now, and it’s only getting bigger.

Give Podkastr a try and create your own podcast for promoting your business.

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People Also Ask FAQs

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely! For any reason you are not satisfied, you can contact them at ( and request a refund.

Does This Work On Both Mac & PC?

Sure. With PodKastr, you can access your content from any device with an internet connection. It is compatible with any operating system.

Is training provided?

There are detailed and step-by-step training videos available for you. You will be able to get started instantly & become an expert in no time.

Are there any monthly fees?

At the moment, PodKastr is available for the LOWEST one-time cost. However, this deal won’t last long. Soon, the price will increase.

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Podkastr Alternative: Make Passive Income Online

If you don’t have any experience with the online business, you might not see the value of Podkastr. You need to decide on a business model first before you can use Podkastr.

As an experienced Internet entrepreneur, I’d say affiliate marketing is the best and the easiest way to make money online.

Why? Because it’s been proven to work for many people and you can do it as a side hustle.

In affiliate marketing, you can run your business almost at zero cost without any trouble from sourcing products or managing inventory.

More importantly, it allows you to enjoy a steady stream of passive income while going on vacation or working a full-time job.

Warren Buffet once said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

The easiest way to make money while you sleep is getting started with affiliate marketing.

And since the world is full of uncertainty, I’d always choose a business model that has the lowest risk.

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