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Affiliate Marketing As A Business

For a hot minute, you’ve wanted to get your blog or online startup running, but you’re not sure how to navigate those waters. 
Maybe you’ve even tried a few web hosts for your infant site but still came out with mixed feelings.
The thing is…
It’s not every day you wake up with a million-dollar idea. Your website might be the next big thing, just waiting to blow up. 
So, what am I saying?
It’s simple: sleeping on ready content will help no one, and that market niche won’t live forever. 
That’s why we sought to bring you these top 10 web hosting services to point you in the right direction. 
After sweat-breaking research, we have prepared a hot menu of the best web hosting services that we think are best for you. 
The Chef, in this case, recommends Bluehost as the day’s special and gets to argue the point and case below. 

Since 2005, Bluehost has been the go-to site for bloggers who wish to host their WordPress content. It’s the perfect place to start your WordPress hosting journey since it provides you with a step-by-step guide for first-time users who’re just setting up.
The site has dedicated customer support that works round the clock to help you out with any arising issues during your setup. They are accessible by phone, email, or live chat – so you know they’ve got you covered.
Now, Bluehost’s web hosting is built on a cPanel interface that is easy to use. You can manage your domains or websites without having to cycle through multiple cluttered system platforms. 
That’s not enough.
It also provides startups with SEO tools that help monitor their visitor numbers and general progress. The more your site grows, the more analytics tools, apps, and services you can access to scale up.
A basic annual web hosting plan goes for $9.99/month and is ideal for small sites and blogs. This plan only covers one website and comes with 10GB of storage and custom themes.
The websites hosted by Bluehost get a free domain for a year plus an SSL certificate inclusive of a CDN – making it the best host, in our opinion.
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SiteGround is a trusted hosting service that provides shared and cloud hosting, email hosting, and free domain registration.
It’s known for its top speeds and high security, especially for WordPress hosting services. Since you don’t want anyone snooping around on your ideas, they let you worry about publishing instead and put much focus on protecting your ideas.
The platform relies on the infrastructure of the premium Google Cloud upon which it’s built. Their top speeds and site integrity are accredited to the SSD persistent storage for lower redundancy.
They’re heavily focused on reducing the burden for bloggers, so they will facilitate a seamless launch once you sign up.
SiteGround optimizes your WordPress for top performance by pre-installing its customized plug-ins which guarantee high-quality media for readers to enjoy on your site. 
Your WordPress will also benefit from the high-priority security procedures that scan your site for malware and provide auto-updates.
This ensures that you enjoy optimum performance and worry less about your site’s security.
SiteGround also hosts WooCommerce for online shops seeking to venture into the e-commerce scene. From as low as $3.99/month, you can start and manage an online store with as much convenience as you need.
Premium plans range from the Startup plan for $3.99/month, Grow big at $6.69/month, to GoGeek at $10.69/month. The only difference between them is the number of sites you can host and the amount of storage SSD you get.
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HostGator is known as one of the finest domain hosting providers in the business.
Whether you are setting up a blog or a commercial site, HostGator will hook you up with amazing discounts of up to 65% off on its shared hosting plans. 
Their shared dedicated hosting plans come with a free domain and unlimited bandwidth for your site. So, you can direct all your clients and readers without worrying about surging traffic.
They have been in the game since 2002 and offered their services to 2 million+ websites. It’s also a very reliable player with cloud hosting plans that assure your site always stays up with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
It also has dedicated servers and offers WordPress site hosting that can be installed and swiftly integrated on request.
Like competing web hosting companies, HostGator also comes with web building services that aid in sprucing up your site to users’ liking. 
HostGator also provides dedicated hosting, transfer of domains, and e-commerce services & tools. 
They have 3 affordable premium hosting plans at $2.75/month for the Hatchling Plan, $3.50/month for the Baby Plan, and $5.25/month for the Business Plan.
You can also take advantage of their 45-day money-back guarantee to check whether you’re a match or not.
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NameCheap is a reliable web host and is the best place to start if you’re a newbie in web development. If you’re puzzled by the whole jumble involved when building a website, you don’t need to drop your ideas because NameCheap will take you through step by step.
In case you’re also struggling to pick the perfect domain name, this web hosting service provider will save you the hassle and Live Search your suggestion to determine its availability.
And since SSL certificates are mandatory, NameCheap offers free certificates that are automatically set up for all hosting plans. You don’t need to bust your brain worrying about the security of your data.
Without any unprecedented mishaps, NameCheap’s dedicated hosting guarantees 100% uptime. Your blog should always perform at optimum every time it’s accessed.
For $3.18/month, you’ll get the most popular Stellar Plus plan that comes with unlimited storage, websites, and auto backup.
If you are a business and want an email linked to your domain, your host gives you a personalized email service once you subscribe to any of the available plans. With this, you can customize your email lists, create auto-responses, and also set up forwarders.
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WP Engine invites you to join over 1.2 million other WordPress websites scattered across 150 countries and find out why they are good at what they do.
The hosts have dedicated infrastructure that is designed to speed up your website, make it as secure as you need, and allow you to upscale by giving you access to different tools and plug-ins.
Let’s unwrap it further.
Well, if you’re not satisfied with your current web hosts, their customer support team is ready to carry you through a smooth transition to their dedicated hosting services that meet your specifications.
Many sites they host report increased site visits, better SEO rankings, and higher conversion rates. You know, the stuff of every blogger’s dream?
Let’s see how they do it.
This web host also integrated its services to host WordPress e-commerce that lets you make sales and receive payments securely without worrying about your money getting jacked on the way to the bank.
Pricing plans are different for WordPress and e-commerce, with the Start-up plan at $20 and $24 per month, respectively, with 10GB storage and hosting for only one site.
If your site receives up to 75,000 monthly visitors, then you should consider their professional plans. They have a $39 and $50 offer that gets you 15GB storage and hosts up to 3 sites.
As a sign of confidence in their services, these guys will also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with what you got.
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Weebly is a web hosting company with a clientele numbering over 2 million and counting. They bill themselves as the safest online web host, so you don’t have to worry about your information falling on the wrong keyboard.
Initially, Weebly comes in handy if you are still modifying your website. You can choose your headers from different types and even add images, slideshows, or logos to customize it further.
It helps you build your website or blog by dragging and dropping elements you wish to add. Weebly also provides tools that let you modify your website’s source code according to your preference.
Since some of your readers might want to access your content on the go, Weebly provides optimized themes that can resize automatically. This ensures your site still looks amazing, whether your readers are on PC or mobile.
Now, ask yourself this question.
What happens when you get a really great idea for your next blog and want to wait for the opportune moment to post it? Well, one of the cool features of Weebly is that you can make your blog post and schedule it to publish at a future date. 
Among their pricing options is the Basic plan, which is absolutely free. You get 500Mb of storage, but you’ll use a Weebly domain.
You’ll need the Connect plan, which costs $5/month if paid annually to use custom domains.
Organizations would ideally go for the Pro plan which comes with unlimited storage for all their needs. This costs $12/month if paid annually.
>> Finish up and host your site with Weebly >>

On the internet, time is very valuable, so speed is essential for any website. Ionos has over 90,000 servers of cutting-edge quality, offering 99.9% uptime. 
It’s ranked the fastest web hosting provider in the US and should give your site a smooth user experience. This means that your clients will not be frustrated into leaving your site early because of lagging pages.
When your site traffic increases, technical glitches are never too far away. Good thing Ionos offers to optimize your site with different performance upgrades.
These, you can access at $2/month for every additional level and let you keep up with your site’s visitors with up to 19 GB of RAM. Of course, you will be notified via email when your performance level has reached its limit and how to proceed.
For $3/month, the premium plans come with loads of free web hosting plugins to choose from. You can access plugins such as Joomla!, TYPO3, PrestaShop, and WordPress, and then install your preferred one(s) in a few clicks.
If you own a WordPress site or blog, you don’t have to worry about losing your data since it is backed up daily on Jetpack, and you can restore it at any time. This is free for the first year.
Ionos also offers anti-malware protection that frequently scans your site and sends the results to your email.
>> Try a 99% uptime guarantee with Ionos >>

Hostinger is an award-winning web hosting provider whose services range from website and WordPress hosting to cPanel hosting.
Its shared hosting services are divided into Single, Premium, and Business, coming with free SSL, an email account, a free domain, and accelerated WordPress management.
The difference between Premium and Business is that you get the WordPress staging tool and daily backups with the latter and up to 200GB storage for $4.99/month. 
Single and Premium shared plans cost $1.99 and $2.99/month, respectively, making it an affordable option for wholesome service.
With any of these plans, you get access to an unmetered bandwidth and their custom hosting control panel known as the hPanel. Although it has the common features you find with cPanel, it also comes with a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.
They also offer a smooth free site migration service at the click of a button.
You don’t have to be a web pro to get started with Hostinger; they can set you up within minutes of landing on their site. 
Also, no need to stress about the language since it is available in 17 different languages.

A2 Hosting is a service known for its reliable speed and low-cost shared web hosting that’s hard to come by on some other web hosting services.
This would be accredited to its turbo boost servers that pride themselves on being up to 20X faster than ordinary servers. These super-charged servers ensure that A2 Hosting delivers on its promise of a 99.9% uptime, meaning your site will always stay up and running.
And even better…
You don’t have to worry about getting unnecessary installation files since WordPress is pre-installed and pre-configured for you with the best speed and security settings.
A2 Hosting also offers you both unmanaged and managed VPS hosting plans. Of course, the former is always more expensive with most web hosts, but A2H has made it more affordable.
With the cheapest Jump and Fly plan going at $18.99, you get free daily automatic malware checks powered by Jetpack. Your site will be protected from malicious bots that may try to log in and also block any DDoS attacks.
The cheapest plan goes for $11.99/month, but only if you choose the 3-year deal which is cheaper than the one-off annual plan. 

HostPapa is an accredited web host that offers shared, Virtual Private Server, and reseller hosting.
It utilizes Linux operating systems that are bound to get your site up and steady even if you are not as techy as the more professional website builders.
Once you join in, you get a pre-installed WordPress and Jetpack hosted on their fine-tuned servers that are specialized for efficiency and top-class performance.
If you are always worried about experiencing downtime, they have the perfect fix with 100% uptime assurance. 
No lagging, no buffering, they say. 
Your clients should feel the ease of navigation as they browse for what they need.
They offer small businesses a website building service that is easy to use for even those who have never touched a line of code. This comes with professionally designed templates with a do-it-yourself structure that will help you achieve your desired results.
Premium plans start at $2.77 per month, and your website will also get full optimization for all devices. This means your readers or clients can access your site on PC or mobile.
Now, their numerous web solutions for small businesses include secure system-hosted email service. This links directly to your website and allows you to separate your business from personal affairs.
When selecting the top hosting service provider, we considered the essential features that help you get the best performance-investment ratio. 
Uptime refers to how long a system can stay running without shutting down or restarting. This is a metric used to determine a server’s performance.
Since your website should be accessible 24/7, we made sure the host has at least 99% uptime to guarantee your content will always be online when a client searches for it.
All web hosts need to guarantee the safety of their clients’ content since most of these sites contain sensitive information. 
We, therefore, highlighted hosts that provide SSL certification that safeguard their internet connection from malicious attacks.
A good web hosting service provides its clients with reliable storage solutions. As your website grows, so does the material that keeps it ranking at the top.
All of the hosts we highlighted offer SSD storage as part of their premium plans. SSD storage is the most preferred option nowadays as it allows clients to securely access all their data online within the shortest time possible. 
Any satisfactory service is powered by competent and useful assistance to customers. This is because many businesses need a lot of help when setting up their online websites for the first time or when migrating to a new host. 
Given that, we ensured that all our top picks have an operational and efficient team ready to assist via live chat, email, or phone support.
Bloggers have the most to gain from a host that provides the right tools and plug-ins when setting up their site. These tools help to optimize the site for various devices, boost their speed, or even add specific elements such as SEO monitoring.
Setting up a site is sometimes a hassle on its own, and we figured you shouldn’t have to go through it if we can help you avoid it.

If looking for top hosting providers, make sure you check out these answers to get the best one for your money.
The best web hosting service based on the factors we’ve listed above is BlueHost. It is easy to join up, especially for WordPress bloggers, and provides tons of diverse tools for your site’s optimization.
Other top web hosting providers that’ll also give you value for your money are WP Engine and Weebly.
>> Start hosting your site with Bluehost now >>
Yes, you can host your own website. 
All you need is a computer, but you must install the WWW server software which allows you or other users to access web files on your computer.
GoDaddy is also an awesome website host. 
Even though it did not make it to our top ten picks, it has a reliable hosting service, generous premium plans, and effective web tools that stand out in the web hosting market. 
Web hosting might be cheap or costly, depending on where you buy the service. 
Most hosting plans range between $2 to $30 per month. What affects the final tag is the features carried by each plan, such as SSD storage, number of sites hosted, and bandwidth level.
Yes, you can host some websites for free. Some hosts have free plans that allow you to set up a “primitive” website without premium features but potentially laden with ads. 
A good example from our top picks includes Weebly. Others include Amazon Web Service and Wix. 
Ionos and A2 Hosting would be the most preferred providers for speed. 
A2Hosting has turbo-boosted servers that are 20X faster than regular servers. These are the kinds of servers you’ll need if you plan on running a heavy online business. 
>> Start hosting your site with Bluehost now >>
As you plan to build and host your site, we hope that you’ll find our list of top 10 best web hosts worthy. 
We’ve hung them all here to give you the best deals for your projects and also offer stress-free hosting that can’t be compared to most web hosting services.
Among the listed hosting providers, Bluehost offers the safest and most seamless experience for beginners and experts alike who’re looking to put up their websites. 
WP Engine comes in close as the fastest WordPress hosting service that also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.
As promised, we believe that you’ve been served best from tonight’s special. 
We hope it was to your heart’s delight.
>> Start hosting your site with Bluehost now >>


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