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It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to build a web page for a company, freelance business, or product. The same goes when creating the mobile app version. You don’t dislike the job; it’s what you wanted a career as a developer in the first place, but if there’s a way to make the conversion process quicker and easier, then why wouldn’t you use it? Luckily for you, there’s an app that can convert your web design into mobile app code? You can thank us later.
Monday Hero Pro is a simple developer tool that saves you time when converting Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch designs into mobile app code. With this tool, you can create custom components, get your own code library, and name variables to get the code you like. This beneficial tool may help you work more efficiently and consistently with a minimum amount of code.
Monday Hero Pro supports iOS and Swift features with ready-to-run Xcode project export, Storyboard, Xib, and Programmatic code support, and Swift 4.0 to 5.1 support. Customizing your app is easy, too, as you can generate dynamic design, get fonts, strings, and non-duplicated colors as a single file, and automatically size and generate assets in an organized folder. 
With this 2-year subscription, you can create up to five projects with unlimited system components and export assets as PNG, PDF, or SVG files. If you’ve never used a program like Monday Hero Pro, don’t worry. You’ll have access to step-by-step tutorials and the option to try it on popular app templates. There’s even a Discord community dedicated to Monday Hero Pro so you can chat with other coders about your projects. You can also receive live support and request a feature/report a bug if necessary. 
If you chose Monday Hero Pro to help you with your mobile app, you’d see why it was rated the #4 Product of the Day with a 4.8 out of 5-star rating on Product Hunt. Usually $432, get two years of access now for only $79.
Prices subject to change.
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