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Dolly Parton is launching her podcast-like series, along with author James Patterson, around her upcoming Run, Rose, Run novel of the same name. .
Named after her recent book and album Run, Rose, Run, the Bookcast, in partnership with Spotify, offers an audio experience blending original music and audiobook storytelling for an immersive listening experience.
The Run, Rose, Run Bookcast brings the audiobook version of Parton’s fiction novel with Patterson to life with her original music. Run, Rose, Run centers around the story of an aspiring female artist who comes to Nashville to pursue a music dream and unravels a long-held secret in her songs.
Debuting with two episodes, the Run, Rose, Run series will include an additional 10 episodes, running four to seven minutes. The Run, Rose, Run soundtrack, written, produced, and recorded by Parton is set for release on March 4 and will complement the book, out March 7.
The first two episodes of the 12-episode series of Run, Rose, Run are available to stream for free on Spotify beginning Feb. 23.
You can listen to the first two full episodes below.
Photo: Stacie Huckeba/Butterfly Records LLC
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