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Here’s a dangerous story we highly recommend you don’t try to replicate. A resident in New Orleans who has had his truck targeted in the past for smash-and-grab type robberies decided to leave a little surprise for would-be thieves in the form of a rigged flash-bang.
Yeah, this dude actually rigged up a flash-bang in his center console that was designed to trigger if someone tried to get into it. You can read the whole local news report on the Fox8Live website and watch the video above. Within that video, you can see the thief hanging out through the broken window of the truck, when all of a sudden a bright explosion is triggered. Predictably, the thief got the hell out of the truck and back into the getaway vehicle after experiencing a flash-bang right to the face.
Of course, this method of deterrent did nothing to stop the truck owner’s window from being smashed in the first place. The particular owner of the lifted Silverado in the video says he’s had his truck’s windows smashed on six other occasions over the previous eight weeks, which is his reason for taking matters into his own hands.
Again, we strongly advise you not to do that. The New Orleans Police Department is quoted in the local news story as saying that “something rigged up to detonate can be considered a bomb and could be illegal.”
Aside from the highly questionable legality of setting up bomb-like booby traps in your own car, it can’t be great for your car’s interior either. You may have stopped the potential thief from stealing something, but now you have to deal with the consequences of setting off a mini explosion inside of your car.
As for the bigger picture, the police are quoted in the local news story saying that vehicle burglaries for the city of New Orleans are up 28% versus last year’s numbers.
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