Plugin Alliance have announced that they’re joining forces with Native Instruments, Brainworx, and iZotope to form Soundwide – offering some tasty free plugins to new users. Their mission is to “inspire and empower creators to express themselves and reimagine the future of sound”. Sounds very exciting! Here’s some more info:
We are proud to announce that Native Instruments and iZotope, together with Plugin Alliance and Brainworx, are launching the new audio supergroup today, under our new mutual name: Soundwide
To celebrate this historic event with you, we are giving away the most amazing FREE plugin bundle ever. Get Native Instruments’ ETHEREAL EARTH Play Series instrument, iZotope’s Neutron Elements package, and the new PA Soundwide Welcome Bundle, featuring 6 Hit Plugins from Ampeg, Black Box Analog Design, Brainworx, Focusrite, and Shadow Hills.

Affiliate Marketing As A Business

More info on the Plugin Alliance Blog:
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