Looking for a free trumpet VST plugin? Aren’t we all. The trouble is, it’s notoriously hard to find software that doesn’t sound terrible.
We’ve dug around and found a few free horn VST plugins that might fit the bill and give you the good quality trumpet sound you desire, despite the fact they won’t cost you a cent.
Whether you’re after a mellow, muted sound for your lo-fi beat, bright brass to add a peal of horns to your classical music composition, a jaunty trumpet for your Afrobeat track, or a whole Latin horn section, check out these free plugin options before you part with any cash.
(As always with free plugins, it’s on you to make sure everything is safe and secure before you hit download.)
With BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover you can download a huge library of 33 orchestral virtual instruments completely for free. This amazing resource was built for classical composition, that doesn’t mean you have to make orchestral music using the sounds.
It’s a trumpet sound we want, and among the free library are two trumpets, Long and Stacmo. Why not include a whole brass section in your track – with horns, four trombones and tuba included in the pack.

Check out BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover here
With VSCO 2 CE from Versilian Studios you can start exploring the world of sampling and end up with a whole chamber orchestra in your DAW. The community edition is free and comes with 19 instruments, including trumpet.
There are many different variations that all use the VSCO 2 CE sample library, as the royalty free samples mean anyone can make their own software using the sounds. They’re all free to download, and you can explore the different options here.
Check out VSCO 2 Community Edition here
If it’s atmospheric trumpet sounds you’re after, check out LABS Trumpet Fields. Provided once again by the amazing Spitfire Audio, the LABS programme is made up of free virtual instruments, an incredible collection that’s constantly being added to.

Trumpet Fields is the sound of two trumpet players performing long moody notes. There’s five different reverbs to crank up the atmosphere, and delay to make a warm, flickering sound. Perfect for creating ambient, lo-fi tracks.
Check out LABS Trumpet Fields here
A collection of 23 instruments which includes several trumpets. As well as standard trumpet there’s piccolo trumpet, staccato trumpet, trumpet swell, trumpet with cup mute and harmon mute.

Effects like flanger and delay let you play around with the sound, and there’s MIDI automation. You get other instruments, like a whole brass ensemble and saxophone sounds.
Check out DSK Brass here
Anyone come across a better free trumpet VST? Let everyone know in the comments.
Once you’ve added trumpet to your track, why not release it onto streaming services? You don’t need a record contract. With RouteNote you can upload your song to Apple Music, Spotify and all the major platforms, for free. Find out more about what we do here.
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