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Prakriti Srivastava
We are all cozied up in our beds, working from home – the one good thing that came out of this pandemic. We are hopeful that the pandemic will end soon but we don’t want this lifestyle to end. Some companies have allowed permanent work from home post-pandemic, but you might not be the lucky one working in those companies. So, we decided to look for jobs that you can do if you want to work from home for life.
1. Freelancing
When it comes to working from home for life, there’s no better option than freelancing. You work at your own pace, at your own time, and you charge the money that you deserve. There’s no restriction regarding the field of work, you pick your industry, be it writing, designing, consulting, or any other skill-based job in the world.
You are not constrained to boundaries, you can work for a client in India or a client from the UK. You can even take several projects simultaneously, all you have to ensure is you deliver the project on time without compromising with the quality of work.
2. Social Media Manager
Since a social media manager’s job is entirely virtual, there’s no need to work from an office. All you have to do is manage the social media presence of your clients, and you can do it from home or from anywhere in the world. 
3. Affiliate Marketer
Affiliate marketing is basically you earning a commission whenever someone buys something that you recommended. Suppose you have a website or even an Instagram page, and you referred a book on Amazon, if someone buys that book using your link, Amazon pays you a percentage of the sales.
There’s very less startup cost involved with affiliate marketing and you can start earning passively as soon as you start. Once you have a wide social presence with a good number of followers, you can earn really well through affiliate marketing. 
4. Animator
If you’re a creative individual and can create animation and visual effects for television, movies, video games, and other types of media then you can become a freelance animator. You can work from home for different clients, and since this is a creative field, you can earn good money based on your skills. 
5. Home Baker
Gone are the days when you had to go to patisserie schools to become a baker. If you bake really good cakes that people would drool over, or create designs that grab everyone’s attention, you can become a home baker.
The setup cost could be pretty high, and you might have to start by baking cakes and pastries for your near and dear ones, but this is one field where word of mouth will take you a long way. There are so many successful home bakers in India who are making really good money without the burden of culinary school debt.
6. Blogger
One easy-to-setup job without a lot of startup cost which enables you to work from home for life is blogging. All you need is a website, and if you can’t afford to have your own website in the beginning, you can start with websites like blogger and WordPress. 
One thing to keep in mind is that earning from blogging is a time taking process. It’d be a while before you can start cashing in on your website. But once you have established yourself, the clients and money will follow.
7. Customer Service Representative
Every company needs a customer service representative. If you have good communication skills and don’t get irritated easily, you can become a customer service representative and easily work from home for life. Companies even reimburse you for your telephone and internet bills, so the related cost is very low as well. 
8. Event Planner
Anyone who has ever planned a birthday, anniversary, or any kind of event knows what a time taking and tiring task it is. That’s why people are happy to delegate this work to an organized individual who can plan events for them.
You don’t necessarily need an office setup, you can work from your home. One mandatory thing is understanding the client’s demands and delivering everything as per their expectation.
9. Travel Agent
People love planning their vacations, so much so they spend days on a stretch in finding good accommodation and making a fulfilling itinerary. They think they are saving money but they don’t understand they are losing their precious time.
Not everyone though, those who value their time prefer to delegate this task to a travel agent. If you are an organized person who loves to scour the web for those unexplored holiday destinations, you can become a really good travel agent.
10. Film and Post Instructional Videos
There’s a popular saying if you’re good at something, never do it for free. If you’re really good at something, create a YouTube channel or an Instagram account, film instructional videos, and start posting. You can enroll in YouTube’s partner program and start earning some cash per 1000 views.
Once you have established yourself, you will start getting partnerships and brand deals and can earn really well.
11. Graphic Designer
Every online business needs someone to design its website, logos, or visual ads. You don’t even need a degree or certification in this area, if you are skilled and can do your work really well, companies will pay you.
If you are in the vicious circle of ‘can’t be hired because no work experience’ and ‘no experience because no one hires a fresher’, you can start by making samples for your portfolio. Show the portfolio with sample designs to the client to give them an understanding of what you can do. If you’re good, more likely than not you’ll get hired on the basis of your sample portfolio.
12. Artist/Crafter
Are you an artist? Do you create beautiful handmade stuff? Then you can start listing your products on various websites like Etsy and start earning money through them. 
13. Instructor
Again, if you’re good at something, start teaching it online. Whatever your field of expertise is, you can always find people willing to learn. You can take a masterclass or provide one-on-one mentoring. You can even start uploading your teaching videos on various online teaching platforms available.
Based on your skills, and area of interest, you can choose from any of the above mentioned jobs to provide you a work from home for life. 

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