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NEW YORK — Last year, Genesis wowed us and the rest of the car world with the drop-dead gorgeous X concept. It was a long, wide and seriously slinky coupe that had us begging for a production model. Genesis hasn’t given us one yet, but it’s clearly still toying with this big coupe idea, as evidenced by the Genesis X Speedium Coupe concept.
The name comes from a racetrack near Inje, South Korea, and the color is named Inje Green after the tree-covered mountain landscape around the course. And it’s clearly related to the old X with its long, low hood, wide fenders and graceful roofline. But it has many changes. Starting from the front, the X Speedium no longer has a grille. Instead, the signature headlights span the full fascia, and split in the middle to suggest the shape of the corporate grille design. It’s a clear nod to the car being electric.
Moving rearward, we can see the roofline has been extended much farther back. It dips down and ends close to the tail, creating something between a fastback and shooting brake. The cheeky spoiler at the back also has a slick integrated brake light.
It’s certainly an attractive car, and we’d be happy to see this version make it to production, too. That being said, we’re not sure it’s quite as successful as its predecessor. The EV fascia makes sense, but the lengthened roof makes the back look a little bubbly and heavy. It just doesn’t look quite as balanced or as lean as the original X. But this version is likely far more practical. Really, Genesis should just make both. The world needs more beautiful two-door cars anyway, so why limit the selection to one?
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