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When it comes to free orchestra plugins, BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover is the perfect starter pack of orchestral sounds. Within the library there’s 33 great quality orchestral instrument sounds that function as individual instruments in a DAW, and now Spitfire Audio has just made the whole thing free to download at a click of a button.
The library was always available for free, with the only catch being that you first had to fill in a questionnaire, and wait for 14 days for the download to be emailed straight to you.
A small price to pay to receive a massive collection of plugins for free!
Now new for 2022 that minor inconvenience has been removed, and you can instantly download the sound of one of the world’s most prestigious orchestras.

You’ll need the Spitfire Audio app and Spitfire Audio account, which is free and easy to setup, and means you can also download LABS, another series of software instruments also available for free!
Within the 200MB download is strings, woodwind, brass, percussion and basses, including trumpet VST and three violins. As learning music production is the idea behind the library, there are a number of resources available, including templates of tracks pre-configured for whatever DAW you use, from Logic Pro X to FL Studio.
Whether you’re a music student, a composer, or a music producer looking to bring more classical music sounds into your projects, the BBCSO Discover library is a fantastic resource. And it’s free! Grab it from the Spitfire Audio website today.
After you’ve used the BBCSO Discover VSTs to create your first orchestral compositions, why not release them to streaming platforms so everyone can hear your tracks? RouteNote offers classical music distribution for free to Spotify, Apple Music and all the big streaming services around the world.
A great way for people to discover your compositions and get feedback from listeners – whilst earning royalties. Find out more here.
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