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A good podcast host can create an immersive “theatre of the mind” experience that other mediums simply cannot
Over the last few years, podcasting as a medium has seen a strong growth in India. In the west, it continues to be a viable platform for brands to build awareness through interesting content. Like any other video platform, podcasts need a host who can increase the overall engagement. However, podcast hosting can sometimes be a tricky task to pull off and there are some important things to be aware of when hosting a podcast, which will help your brand, reach new heights.
Entrepreneur India lists out few important tips to become a better podcast host.
Know Your Subject Matter:
According to Kurt Kaufer, Partner and CMO, Ad Results Media, successful podcasters have the ability to go deep into their subject manner. To become a better podcast host Kaufer suggests that one must have an immense amount of information and detail to support their point of view and credibility.
“While traditional radio hosts typically have 8-10 minutes to host an interview or take a dive deep into a subject, podcasters have the ability to dedicate 2-3 hours, or entire seasons, to specific interviews or topics. A good podcast host can also create an immersive “theatre of the mind” experience that other mediums simply cannot. They can paint a mental picture around a subject by tapping into listeners’ imaginations,” he said.
Make Guests Comfortable:
Neil Patel, Host of the Indian Startup Show (A weekly podcast about Indian entrepreneurs) recommends podcasters to conduct a 5 minutes chat with the guest.
“Ask the guest if there is anything specific they want to talk about, conversely is there anything they don’t want to talk about. Also, ask them if they have some interesting stories to share with the audience. This gives the guest some confidence in talking on a podcast as it may be their first time. Lastly, do a sound check and make sure there’s no echo, outside noise etc,” shared Patel.
Let Your Content Shine:
A podcast is one of the easiest options to consume content nowadays. Unless your content is highly engaging, your podcast can become unbearable.
“While many podcasters feel they need to outline the content and flow of each episode, good hosts let the content and guests and shine. They let guests be themselves, don’t force conversation and can gently pull the topic back in if it seems to have gotten off-topic. Interviews are authentic and conversational and help drive the narrative or back the host’s point of view, “added Kaufer.
Successful hosts appreciate the “opt-in” nature of this on-demand medium. Since listeners are “choosing” to spend their time with you, they should feel an affinity to you and the subject matter at hand. Kaufer feels authenticity can drive an audience to truly connect with a host or can break that bond altogether if in genuine.
Show Appreciation:
For Amar Deshpande, Podcaster, Baalgatha and MyKitaab , podcast hosts are like chefs. They can add that extra flavor of their personality to set themselves apart, and form a connection with their audience.
“Share some personal stories, but not too much! Also, do mention any engagements or interactions you might have had with the listeners. It is your way of showing appreciation to the listeners who invest their time listening to your show,” shared Deshpande
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