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Technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and according to leading researchers, it’s showing no signs of stopping.
As claimed by Gartner, AI augmentation will create “$2.9 trillion of business value and 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity globally in 2021.” These figures are as remarkable as they are frightening. While it seems like AI and humanity will continue to work together in symbiotic harmony, not everyone is convinced. With every stride that technology makes, society asks the question: Will automation make humanity obsolete?
Russell Brunson
Meet Russell Brunson, a New York Times best-selling author and the cofounder of ClickFunnels, a software company that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs spread their message in the marketplace through automation. Brunson popularized the concept of sales funnels, and his system has led to unprecedented levels of business growth for his clients. As of 2020, his training and teaching have produced over 1,000 millionaires who belong to an exclusive group that he fittingly calls the “Two Comma Club.” Incredibly, every member of the group has made at least $1 million in each of their respective sales funnels.
With a following of over 1 million entrepreneurs, it’s hard to ignore the impact that Brunson has made. In perfecting the lead generation and business scaling process, ClickFunnels is now the fastest-growing non-venture-backed software company in the world. But while automation has undoubtedly augmented the process in countless ways, one starts to wonder whether there’s any room for human endeavors.
Brunson thinks so. His mission extends past business growth to non-profit organizations, like Village Impact. ClickFunnels helps those living in underprivileged conditions access an education. Every new funnel that goes live inside of ClickFunnels equals a dollar donated to building schools in Africa. With these donations, millions of people can start to build the foundations of their future.
With their unique business insights, these five influential entrepreneurs tackle the question: Is it humanity or automation? By using their acumen and experience, you can learn how to scale your business fast in 2021.
Aj Angoluan
Coming in with our first piece of advice is Aj Angoluan, CEO and founder of Rockstar Funnel Builders. His company helps marketing agencies across the world build world-class sales funnels and stunning graphic designs. “A human can’t beat technology. Automation can’t replace a human. I started my outsourcing company three years ago to provide a quality service around the world, and we’ve been using both human and automation power ever since. The result is amazing,” Angoluan says, asserting that a balance is imperative for long-term business success.
“Let’s get straight to the point: human or automation? The answer is always ‘both.’ You can’t run your business without human power as well as automation power.” Much like Brunson, Angoluan believes that automation alone is not enough to carry a business toward success.
Danny Carlson
Danny Carlson, Amazon e-commerce expert and CEO of Kenji ROI, has this to say about scaling a brand fast: “It’s hard to beat paid ads on Amazon. If ads are working well, they can be scaled up much faster than SEO, social media content, or other online marketing tactics. A well-run Amazon Ads account is a beautiful mix of automation and human interaction. For our clients, we leverage automation tools. They make rapid improvements based on rules programmed by our team and perform these improvements at a higher speed and volume than a human could,” Carlson explains. In some instances, you need to use automation to maximize efficiency. But for the best results, he believes that a human still needs to be behind the wheel. 
“A human touch is still required to guide the automation and make decisions too complex for a computer algorithm to handle. One example is ‘keyword relevancy,’ which is something best left to trained ad managers. The key to scaling fast in 2021 is leveraging the output of all team members by having them use powerful automations, guided by their expertise.” 
Carlson founded his agency in 2016 and has since grown the company to over 15 team members, producing over 1,300 high-conversion Amazon product listings.
Rey Perez
Rey Perez, CEO and founder of The Entrepreneurs Agency, believes that it’s not what you know or who you know, but “who knows you.” He says, “The key to growing your digital online presence is based on leveraging systems, processes, technology, and automation. All the while, you still need to keep a personal feeling.” 
To maximize online presence, Perez believes that people need to feel connected with you personally, but at no detriment to your time. “The more people you can connect with and the faster you can do it, the more brand exposure that you and your business will receive. Your network is your net worth, and business is always based on relationships.” 
Leveraging nearly two decades of sales and marketing experience, Perez and his team of experts create renowned celebrity brands for top entrepreneurs looking to dominate their niche or industry.
Jon Penberthy
Jon Penberthy, founder of AdClients, believes that streamlined software and systems have paved the way for innovation in the marketing industry. “It’s clear that automation in the world of marketing has evolved a great deal in recent years, but not so much that we can remove the human element. We have been able to scale multiple seven-figure companies over the years utilizing paid ads and automated follow-up, but we still need people who can actually manage those campaigns. It’s so interesting to look back before the explosion of the internet and social media and remember how everything was extremely manual,” Penberthy reflects.
“If business was going well and you wanted to scale, you needed to hire more people. That was always the answer, it seemed. Nowadays, with software, systems, and automation, we can do a lot with a little. Rather than hire more people, we can simply turn up ad budgets, send more emails, and launch more campaigns. In fact, in some ways, it feels like we’re in the golden years of online marketing. I hope that it’s just the beginning.”
Junior Anthony
At odds with other industry leaders like Brunson, Junior Anthony believes that a sense of humanity will always supersede automation. The founder of LiveSotori, Anthony shares how he automates businesses in the most powerful way. “As an online coach, you can never go wrong with the human touch. I teach my students how to automate their businesses, but before they do, I share an important lesson. I show them that they have to start the most powerful way: the organic way. It’s what brings warmth and life to the business, and as a result, it builds long-lasting relationships. Having immense human skills will make you invaluable because they’re not easily replaceable.” 
Anthony argues that no level of automation will substitute the need for compassion. He uses a completely human approach toward coaching and stresses the importance of personability in building the trust of your consumers.
It’s clear that there’s no winner in the battle between humanity and automation. According to the expert advice shared by these inspiring entrepreneurs, both are crucial, and business owners should incorporate each one to maximize growth opportunities. 
Most of our entrepreneurs agree: It’s best to find a middle ground because the two can’t replace each other. In your pursuit of finding that balance, make sure to leverage your use of industry experts. Only a human can guarantee the efficiency of your automation, and your automation can only improve your business with the use of customer feedback.
It’s simple yet vital: Understand, communicate, and connect with your market organically. Your customers want to be heard, and when you listen, they take notice. Weave each piece of advice into the foundations of your business, and you’ll make 2021 the year of unprecedented growth and success.

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