THERE is one extra source of income that can earn you thousands of dollars per month involving doing a little work around your neighborhood.
This year, 93 percent of working Americans have a side hustle amid high inflation, according to Insuranks.
In an ideal world, you’ll want to maximize your earnings while putting in as little effort as possible to avoid burnout while having a full-time job.
Well, TikToker “victorplive,”or Victor, may have a solution for you.
With now more than 224,000 followers, he often creates content about side hustles and how to make money in general.
Also, Victor claims on his website that earns "seven figures" working from home.
Here’s what he revealed about one that can generate $2,500 per month, which can be done in your neighborhood.
The side hustle will involve painting an address on the curb, in which you can charge for your services.
While Victor calls this an “easy side hustle that anyone can do” – you’ll need to invest a little in some equipment.
You’ll need the following items, which can be bought on AmazonHome Depot or Lowe’s.
These items collectively can be found on Amazon for about $25.
But, in particular, Victor recommended buying “plenty” of the painter’s tape.
Once you get the necessary equipment, you’ll want to go door-to-door around your neighborhood and offer your services, according to Victor.
While Victor did not explain exactly how to do it, YouTuber “Home DIY Dan” revealed the process of painting an address on a curb.
First, you’ll want to use two pieces of tape and space them out between 12 inches. 
Ideally, you’ll want to have a measuring stick as well, but Dan noted the positioning doesn’t have to be “exact.”
And then another piece of tape goes vertically near the top, followed by another on the bottom that’s about five inches below it.
Then you can use one layer of spray paint to color the curb inside the tape.
Additionally, it might be best to place paper to surround the tape so you don’t stain the rest of the curb.
Once the first layer of spray paint dries, then you line up the stencils in between the blue tape.
Then you can apply the second layer inside the numbers with what Dan describes as “short burst” strokes.
All you need to do is let it dry for a minute; then you could rip off the tape along with the rest of the material and you’re done.
“People are charging anywhere from $20 to $60 to do this,” Victor said.
And he added, "it helps people find their address, especially in emergency services.”
Moreover, there are plenty of other ways to make some extra income – and these won’t require much time either.
In fact, one with a Walmart side hustle made more than $220 just by investing four hours one week.
The job is known as Spark Driver, which allows people to earn some money by shopping for customers and delivering their items.
Another easy side hustle can earn you $200 per hour by just testing tools online.
Tech pro Nik Pollina also noted there are a variety of different tools to sign up for that'll give you money to test the items.
This includes the following websites:
The tests can last from just five to 30 minutes.
Finance expert John Liang revealed that you can make $50 per hour and get free products by mystery shopping. 
Gigs can range from fast food taste tests to designer shopping sprees. 
We spoke to a marketing expert who revealed how he made $6,000 extra per month without putting any time into it.
And one tried eight side hustles, with the best one paying up to $9,600 per month.  
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