Making your theme park pay off can take some hard work in Jurassic World Evolution 2. Here’s how to build a profitable park.
Money is undoubtedly the most critical aspect of any simulation game. Money allows players to live out their wildest dreams, whether that is creating a farm from scratch or even constructing the world's best dinosaur zoo. But making money in simulation games isn't always easy, since players will need to learn to manage their expenses and income. And one such game in which players can have a tough time earning money is Jurassic World Evolution 2.
That's because Jurassic World Evolution 2 has dozens of features that cost a lot of money to upkeep, like researching new dinosaur species or creating suitable habitats for dinosaurs, especially for dangerous ones like the Indoraptor. Fortunately, there are some ways players can earn money at a faster rate than usual, but it can be tricky. Here are some tips.
Gift shops and restaurants are essential for any theme park-related simulation game since they allow players to make extra cash every month. But for the most part, players will only get a few hundred bucks every month since they haven't set up the shop manually. That means they're potentially losing thousands of extra dollars.
Fortunately, Jurassic World Evolution 2 gives players complete control of each shop, allowing them to tune it to their needs. For example, players can select what dinosaur-related merchandise they want to sell, so players should change it to sell only popular dinosaurs. Players can also raise a dinosaur's popularity by raising its Infamy level. The higher the Infamy level, the more merchandise players will sell.
One of the best improvements that Frontier Developments PLC made in Jurassic World Evolution 2 is the number of species available (100 to be exact) for players to use in their park. But despite the wide variety of dinosaurs available, players tend to focus on the more popular ones like the Tyrannosaurus rex or Diplodocus. As players can expect, having the same dinosaurs over and over will cause guests to grow bored and leave the Dino park.
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To avoid this, players should strive to have several dinosaurs from various Bio Groups. Moreover, players can use the Cohabitation feature, allowing multiple species to coexist in the same habitat. But of course, players should be cautious while doing this, as some species are mortal enemies.
Like dinosaurs, there are dozens of buildings available for players to use in Jurassic World Evolution 2, which means players will need to carefully assess which ones are worth the money. For example, players only need one Paleo-medic Facility at the start of the game, even though the in-game tips tell the player to have several at once. That's because the upkeep of the Paleo-medic is quite expensive, especially if players factor in the wage of hiring a scientist to run it.
One building players should always have in their park is the Storm Shelter, since it offers protection for guests during a storm or even a Dino rampage. Moreover, players should continue to add Storm Shelters as their park gains more popularity, since there's a limit on how many guests can take shelter in one.
Even though the main objective of Jurassic World Evolution 2 is to create and maintain a Dino park that resembles Jurassic Park, there will be moments when the player will need to sell their fossils and dinosaurs for a quick buck. One method players can use to "farm" fossils and dinosaurs is by completing low-tier dig sites, which require minimal resources.
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This will require extra scientists, but players can easily make up for the additional expense by selling the fossils or dinosaurs found during the expedition. Of course, players should avoid selling rare fossils or dinosaurs, since obtaining them again can be difficult.
Another way players can dramatically improve their park revenue is by increasing their standing with the three park divisions (Entertainment, Science, and Security). Players can do this by completing Contracts. The more Contracts the player finishes successfully, the higher-yielding rewards they'll receive. The contracts greatly vary, but the easiest ones to complete are the ones in the Entertainment Division, since most of them involve taking snapshots of dinosaurs.
Of course, players will want to complete Contracts for each Division since all of them reward players with cash and sometimes some goodies like free buildings or dinosaurs.
It's no surprise that guests are the lifeblood of any park, especially those found in Jurassic World Evolution 2 since a single dinosaur can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Guests in Jurassic World Evolution 2 can be particularly picky, so players will need to carefully monitor their needs via the Park Management Tab.
For the most part, players will need to make sure that guests feel safe, meaning that all the dinosaurs are securely contained in their habitats. Players will also want to create plenty of sitting, eating, and walking areas in the park since that affects guests' Comfort Levels. Finally, players will need to have protective measures prepared (i.e., plenty of Storm Shelters) to protect guests from dangerous dinosaurs or tropical storms.
Despite costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, a Power Plant will be cheaper to maintain since constantly replenishing Generators will cost more. That's because players will need to refill a Generator every few days, even less if they're powering a large habitat.
Moreover, if a Generator stops working and the player doesn't notice, it may put the park guests and staff at risk since some of the more dangerous dinosaurs (Indominus Rex or Indoraptor) will easily break out of their enclosure, leading to disastrous events. Having a Power Plant is a win-win situation since players will save a lot of cash every month and avoid needless accidents.
Jurassic World Evolution 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
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