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Now, if you are thinking about what a sales funnel is, just imagine a funnel. A real-life funnel or funnel used in the laboratory can be related to the sales funnel. When you pour some substance into the funnel it filters the substance and pours it into a destination. A sales funnel can be related to the tunnel. In the sales funnel, many visitors come and they enter into the funnel and reemerge on the other side. But, unlike the real-life funnel, all the visitors who enter the funnel don’t come out from the other side.                      

A sales funnel can be described as a model which describes the journey of customers as a visitor to purchasing. The process includes how the customer is attracted to a product. And, finally what was the outcome or the product purchased.
build a watertight b2b sales funnel in 5 steps | zendesk
There are a few stages of a sales funnel which are mentioned below:-
These are the vital stages of sales. The sales funnel can also be called a ‘business funnel’, ‘purchase funnel’, or ‘customer funnel’. The sales funnel helps in marketing. It gives an idea about the journey of a customer from visiting the site to buying a product.
what is a sales funnel? the guide to building an automated selling machine.
It is better to stop running behind new customers and try to retain old customers and understand their preferences. It is the reason why you need a sales funnel. Sales funnel attracts customers towards your online business. When you get an idea of what your customers want then you can drive your business successfully.
Sometimes you will notice, despite having a sales funnel customers or leads are not interested in your business. There are several reasons behind it. Firstly, the content on your website is not of good quality. Secondly, your way of communication is not clear to your customer. Thirdly, you are not facilitating your leads effectively. To boost your sales and develop extra leads you have to understand the sales funnel of your business properly.
how to create an effective sales funnel [complete guide]
A sales funnel serves as the backbone of every business. You should properly understand your business to make an effective money-making sales funnel. Building a sales funnel includes high-quality content and good promotion. Targeting the audience is also an important part. It helps you check out your progress at every level of your business. Following the above step will help you to build a great sales funnel.
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