Both Matthew Rosenberg and Joshua Williamson are launching new comic book subscriptions on Substack, as part of the Substack Pro comic book programme initially set up a year ago by Nick Spencer. And, yes, there are more to come. Substack is a newsletter subscription publishing programme initially focused on journalists but for the last year including a brace of comic book creators offering attractive deals to publish their comics first on Substack.
Matthew Rosenberg will be kinda-relaunching his own publishing company but not really, under his Ashcan Press banner, and publishing a mix of his own work through Substack, such as 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank and What’s the Furthest Place From Here, as well as new work with artists Juan Ferreyra, Stefano Landini, Andy MacDonald,, Tyler Boss, Josh Hixson, Javier Rodriguez, colourists Jordie Bellaire and Lauren Affe, letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, editor Rachel Pinnelas and more, and we have a gallery and video to share.

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On his Substack newsletter, Rosenberg writes “Over the next few years this here newsletter is going to be the birthplace for at least 6 brand new comic projects, among other fun things. But we aren’t going to tell you much about them just yet. We want this newsletter to serve the books and not the other way around. So each project will have its own spotlight and not be shoved out in front of you before it’s ready. This whole thing isn’t just some play to try and sell you comics. We think what we’re making is special and how we’re making it is part of that. We’re want to give you access to the creation process (if you want it) so you can be part of that journey as we build these books. So for now, each of the 6 brilliant illustrators has created a little teaser for their title to give you a sense of where we’re going. But really, we’re asking you to trust us.”
And for those who do, here are the subscription levels.
$0 / Eternity
You get to keep all your money!
All the normal weird rambling stuff we put in the regular free newsletter! Like news, updates, previews of comics, the podcast, Matthew’s brilliant insights*, and lots of other cool stuff.
*brilliance not guaranteed.
The Movie Club! An invitation to the semi-regular Ashcan Press Virtual Movie Club (APVMC?), where you can chat with us and other subscribers as we watch movies that was influential to our work in real time from the comfort of our own homes. Or wherever you want to watch, I guess.
$5 / 1 month OR $50 / 1 year
Everything from the free tier (except keeping all your money) plus access to all the Digital Content behind the paywall! Where it is locked away from all those creepy people who won’t pay for it. Which includes:
Comics! At least 12 digital issues delivered to your inbox, before they’re available anywhere else. Including a few things that have never been released before and may never be again! It will probably be more, but this is what we know for sure. All delivered in multiple formats for your convenience.
Behind the scenes! Looks at the writing, art, creative process, and discussions with the creators of the books we’re making here.
PLUS A 5% discount on any item in our webstore! Plus, early access to certain items before they go on sale to the public.
Be in the audience! Join the virtual audience of the regularly scheduled podcast / livestream and ask questions to Matthew and all the fancy guests.
We’ll probably think of other stuff! Or not. This is a lot.
$250 / 1 year
Everything included in the other tiers plus:
5 Exclusive Variant Covers unavailable anywhere else! These are extremely exclusive covers that will not be made available anywhere else. Limited to 300 copies of each at most, they will be mailed directly to you. Maybe with some bonus goodies. Who knows?
1 Hand Drawn Sketch Cover! Your chance to own some original art by some amazing artists. Drawn by an Ashcan Press artist (of our choosing.)
1 Comic Script! Never publicly released, signed by Matthew Rosenberg. Complete with typos and weird jokes to editors that they don’t find funny.
1 Membership Card! Not only does it look cool, but it entitles you to cut the line at any Matthew Rosenberg signing for the next year (and not pay any signing fees on up to 5 items, when applicable.)
A 10% discount on any item in our webstore! Plus, early access to certain items before they go on sale to the public. (This is instead the 5% discount of the monthly/annual tier, not in addition to it.)
So there you have it. 4 options to choose from.
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