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“Most modern DAWs, even at their highest resolution, still change the timing of MIDI messages to accommodate for their editing features. These changes impact the playback of your performance as MIDI messages get reordered and delayed, causing changes in how they influence sound, sometimes in very significant ways.” MIDI Tape Recorder, a free Audio Unit v3 plugin, takes a different approach to MIDI recording.
Like an audio recorder, MIDI Tape Recorder records performances exactly as you play them, accurately reproducing every nuance of your performance. The plugin ditches the note editing, quantization and individual CC tweaking of other MIDI recorders, to give you only the features you need, allowing the plugin to capture and playback expressive and dense MIDI streams, with MPE controllers and MPE MIDI plugins.
By stripping down the plugin to its essential features, MIDI Tape Recorder is also easy to use. With simple and intuitive controls, similar to a traditional four-track audio recorder, the app is fun to record, playback and loop MIDI performances. Here’s the full feature list from Uwyn.
MIDI Tape Recorder requires an AUv3 host to function. The App Store notes that the plugin currently works in Logic Pro X on some computers, but updates are on the way. MIDI Tape Recorder is free and open-source. Find the source code on GitHub here. Help fund future updates by donating to the developer here. Full documentation and FAQs can be found on Uwyn.
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