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Modern Funnel Designs by Nate Graham for Clickfunnels Funnel Fridays Show
Clickfunnels, a sales and marketing software platform designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to take their businesses online, have chosen Nate Graham to create sales funnel templates for the second season of Funnel Fridays.
The Funnel Fridays Show kicks off a brand new, highly-anticipated season where Russell Brunson and co-host Jim Edwards will write the copy, build and then launch a new high-converting funnel from scratch in less than 60-minutes, live on air.
In order to make the upcoming season as engaging as possible, the producers have elected to bring on 7 of the top Clickfunnels designers worldwide to pre-design funnel templates for each episode.
“It’s an honor to continue to be recognized as one of the top designers in the Clickfunnels community and to have the opportunity to build high-end funnel templates for the Funnel Fridays Show,” said Graham.
Graham has been previously selected as a Top 30 Clickfunnels Designer, and has also been featured on FunnelHacker TV, Funnel Fridays Season 1, and Conversion Designer. He was also hand-vetted as a Fiverr Pro Seller and recently ranked as an Upwork Top Rated Plus Member, which represent the top 1% and 3% of talent on both platforms respectively.
Clickfunnels’ software speaks for itself as the company has been named one of the world’s fastest-growing, non-VC-backed companies today. Since being founded in 2014, Clickfunnels has also generated more than $430 million in sales and currently supports over 120,000 paying customers.
“It’s been a privilege to deliver a high-quality end product to the tens of thousands of audience members who watch Funnel Fridays almost every week,” said Graham. “No matter what niche you’re in, there’s bound to be a high-end, ready-made funnel template that you can plug and play your content or sales material into, without having to be a professional designer.”
At the end of every episode, the hosts give away 7 professionally designed Clickfunnels templates to attendees free of charge, with the only requirement being that users have their own Clickfunnels account to gain access. Attendees will also receive Custom Funnel Scripts, a copywriting software tool, to help users create persuasive direct-response marketing messages on demand.
Season 2 of Funnel Fridays premieres on Friday, September 11, 2020 at 12pm ET. To subscribe to their upcoming season, please visit: https://funnelfridays.com/subscribe.
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