Fitness programs can take a variety of approaches, and most of them can be safely categorized. Some use a soft-sell emotional approach to get potential clients off the couch, relying on that type of connection to get results.
Not Nick Bare. Bare is the opposite of all that – he’s hardcore to the max, and in his case it’s hard to argue with the merits of that approach.
His story is an interesting one, though, and it has helped him get rich, so let’s explore. Bare’s program is strongly tied to the fact that he’s also a former Army Ranger, and he brings those values to his program, which is seriously uncompromising.
Early Days
The Texas native, who was born in 1990 and was raised in a family of dairy farmers, attended Indiana University in Pennsylvania to get a business degree.
Bare was also part of the Army’s ROTC program, but his initial efforts to start his own fitness business based on his love of bodybuilding and supplements didn’t go well at first.
He took out a $25,000 bank loan and launched Bare Performance Nutrition out of his tiny apartment, and BPN flopped initially.
But Bare is one of those folks who seems to thrive on setbacks and adversity, so he kept going. His military training helped, he loved being a platoon leader once he became an officer, and Bare eventually completed Army Ranger training, which is serious business.
Bare’s business seemed dead in the water when he was deployed to South Korea for nine months, but he took his camera along and discovered that he had more time than he expected. He devoted it all to BPN, and his sales from $2,000 a month to $10,000.
Success and Net Worth
Bare started his own YouTube channel in 2014, and that was when BPN truly began to take off.
His relentless approach to both fitness and nutrition produced $300,000 in revenue in 2016, and the next year that revenue climbed to $1.7 million, then $3.2 million in 2018. By 2020 he was up to $22 million, and his channel had over 500,000 subscribers. As of 2022, Nick Bare has an estimated net worth of $15 million.
Bare is rather unstoppable when it comes to his ongoing success, though, and he emphasizes staying true to his three core values -integrity, transparency and service.
He’s written a book, “25 Hours a Day,” and he has a successful podcast as well. His catchphrase is “going one more,” which seems to embody his approach to life in general.
Bare also has his own training program, “Embrace the Suck,” a 12-week program that mimics his training style and tactics. He completed the infamous Ironman triathlon in Hawaii a couple of years back, so there’s no doubt he walks the walk, too.
His may seem a little hardcore for some, but it’s hard to argue with his success. There’s much to admire about the way he’s gone about running his business.
Personal Life
Given Nick Bare’s approach, you might think he has a flamboyant personal life, especially since he happens to be both ripped and handsome.
But that assumption would be wrong. Bare dated a fellow YouTuber, Stefany Banda for quite some time, and in 2020 the couple announced their engagement in 2020, then got married later that year.
He announced the impending arrival of their first child last December, so it will be interesting to see how little Bares affects his program and approach.
Bob McCullough is an experienced author, journalist and freelance writer. As a journalist he’s worked for the Boston Globe, the Boston Phoenix, the LA Times, and Publishers Weekly.

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