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The player cards in Battlefield 2042 have text at the bottom that reads “Non-Patriated ID Card.” Given the lack of a campaign, players are confused as to what the backstory of the game is and what the text on the player cards means. Fortunately, we have the answer as to what “Non-Patriated” means in the context of BF2042.
Battlefield 2042 non patriated id card
Those seeing the player card for the first time in Battlefield 2042 might think that “Non-Patriated ID Card” is text that can be changed to something else. That’s not the case. Instead, it refers to the game’s backstory. Since there’s no story mode, most players will be clueless about the background of the fights in Battlefield 2042, so the text on the card will have little meaning.
In the lore of BF2042, around one billion people have been displaced from their homelands by various events. However, instead of finding a new home nation or returning to their birthplace, these people have united under a global, non-national identity. These Non-Patriated people form armies to protect themselves and are essentially a nation without borders.
Each of the Specialists in Battlefield 2042 is a Non-Patriated citizen, and the player’s ID signifies this. Since No-Pats aren’t citizens of any country, they issue their own IDs. Thus, the No-Pats in the game are essentially mercenaries. However, they have their own motivations for taking sides in the new cold war between the US and Russia.
So the text on the player card is just meant for some flavor. The game could have done a better job cluing players in on the backstory and lore. For most, this phrase will have absolutely no meaning. Fortunately, players don’t need any fancy story to blow each other up and ride tornadoes.

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