It’s the same old schtick, new year, new you. While the sentiment may cause you to roll your eyes into next year, a new year actually does provide the perfect starting point for new motivations, new passions and invigorated selves. Forget the rhetoric, and embrace 2021 for what it is: a chance to grow, get ahead and pursue that ~thing~ you’ve always wanted to do. 
What better way to embrace the new you with a podcast by some of the best and brightest, bringing you early entertainment week in and week out. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best self-love, self-improvement and down-right inspirational podcasts to start you on your 2021 journey. 
Brene Brown is the queen of hard truths delivered in a compassionate way. This podcast will challenge you in the best way – you’ll want to change your thinking, attitudes and actions without feeling burdened by the thought of it all. 
Listen here.
If there was ever a year filled with burnout and feeling overwhelmed, it’s this year. You’re Doing Great Sweetie! is like the salve you need to feel better about failing, since we all do it. Hosts Josie and Mel talk candidly about their problems, which you’ll likely relate to.
Listen here.
No self-love journey is quite complete without Oprah. This podcast series features a series of intimate interviews with high profile figures, from CEO’s to thought leaders to celebrities. Salma Hayek talks making peace with who she is, Maya Angelou reveals the best advice she has ever received, and Alanis Morissette explains why temporary happiness is ok.
Listen here
The weekly pop-culture and news podcast isn’t focused on self-love, but with Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes at the helm, a listen is chicken soup for the soul – comforting, warm and familiar. You will come away loving yourself, and the Panda to your Dolly even more.
Happy YOU year!
As both the co-founder of green tea empire Matcha Maiden and part-owner of Melbourne’s most Instagram-able cafe, Matcha Mylkbar, Sarah Holloway certainly knows a thing or two about turning your dreams into a reality. The self-described lawyer turned ‘funtrepeneur’ spends each episode interviewing an inspiring Aussie on how they found their ‘yay’, whether it was through work or play. People like Jesinta Franklin, Megan Gale, Janine Allis, Kayla Itsines and more have been profiled, and no matter if you’re in need of motivation or a distraction, it does the trick.
Listen here.
Failure is something many of us still, well, fail to accept as part of lifeThis podcast not only normalises failure, it highlights people who went through failure and came out the other side with great success. 
Listen here.
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