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By Ellie Lott
Property technology is better known as Proptech, and it has become one of the major talking points in real estate. Billions of dollars are being invested in new innovations and enhancements. Proptech isn’t just a buzzword; it is a whole concept that is totally reshaping the real estate industry.

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Proptech is a technology that is aimed toward the real estate market and industry. This technology may be used to alter the way that real estate is bought, sold, designed, contracted, and managed. This can include both commercial and residential properties. 

The term has gained a lot of popularity as Proptech has had a significant impact. We can see the effect the digital revolution has had on the world, and real estate is no different. Technology is advancing at such a rapid rate and is affecting buildings, cities, and customer interactions.

Proptech is such a broad term that can cover so many different aspects. Its function is to improve the work of professionals and companies in real estate. Proptech offers a rapidly changing digital landscape for the real estate sector. 

The different stages of Proptech were all funded by investors and leaders in the industry. Each stage involved experimenting with new technologies. These were all groundbreaking at the time and included the implementation of such elements as virtual tools, AI, or blockchain technology. 

The first epoch of Proptech could be considered the advent of the internet and online listings. This groundbreaking technology faced a lot of initial resistance. Even by the year 2000, you may not have heard about people renting or selling properties online. Eventually, eCommerce was fully embraced by the real estate industry. It is now commonplace. 

Later, the real estate industry saw the emergence of smart buildings and smart homes. Real estate companies started using data analytics and VR tours. This represents quite an expansion of the use of technology in real estate. 

Today the real estate industry uses drones, big data, 5G, AI (artificial intelligence), and solar power. Proptech has evolved into a sophisticated set of interlinked systems. They all serve different functions. 

Professionals and customers are demanding more sophisticated Proptech. The success of professionals may depend on how well they can integrate these new technologies. Proptech systems can be used in sales and leasing, construction and architectural services, and finance. 

Real estate agents have so many tasks to perform that may seem dull and repetitive. Smart real estate agents will make full use of AI to carry out these tasks. 

Some AI tech can be used to automatically classify listings according to types of rooms, styles, and features. It may be able to automatically tag relevant photos. It can help with comparing the market and analysis. AI can be used for auto-generating personalized email sequences tailored to individual customers based on their demographic and life experiences. These automated processes can save a ton of time.  

Virtual reality allows real estate agents to give virtual tours. They can give tours of buildings that haven’t even been completed yet. They don’t need to leave their offices and can save a lot of time. This is sure to give them a competitive edge. In today’s property market, many people buy without seeing the building in person.

According to this report, VR will be used by 1.4 million real estate agents by 2025. As well as virtual tours, VR can offer the possibility of exploring possible solutions for buildings. You could virtually add furniture to the existing interior and see how it fits before committing to buying. 

Drawing up real estate contracts and leases takes up hours and hours of time. Using contract automation software can free up a lot of work time.

In today’s world, real estate agents will use automated documents, digital signatures, and analytics. This saves having to print, sign and scan documents by hand. This technology helps to reduce repetitive tasks and extraneous paperwork. 

Seeking leads can be a challenging task for any real estate agent. Proptech provides many lead generation tools that can be utilized. Proptech can help with providing sales and marketing solutions. It can help real estate websites to use smart property valuation tools. 

Having a strong web presence is essential in today’s real estate market. There are many platforms that can be used to list properties, help generate new leads and establish and build positive relationships with clients. 

Big data means collecting and analyzing data. This will include real-time and historical data. By using well-structured data sets, real estate agents can develop highly accurate insights. This can help with pricing, home-value trends, and potential risks. 

The internet of things (IoT) is a “smart” network of sensors and devices. They constantly send signals to each other. They can help you to keep track of a building’s state. They can monitor and adjust the temperature, security measures, and general maintenance. They can link to your mobile phone or laptop so you can adjust your home from a distance. 

Many construction companies are focusing on being more green. This means building properties that are sustainable and energy-efficient. Modern appliances are also much more energy efficient. There is still a lot more that can be done to make homes environmentally friendly. 

This is a simple use of Proptech that can dramatically improve customer experience. Chatbots are a must-have for almost any customer service website. Chatbots can help to reduce manual work and costs. They are powered by AI and can also help to provide actionable insights into what your customers need. 

Micro investing means that even people with little savings can enter the world of investing. It means investing in fractional shares of a stock. The same principle is now being applied to real estate. It is possible to buy a percentage of a property and reap some of the financial rewards. This could be from the lease of the property or from its increase in value over time and eventual sale. 

These days Proptech is the buzzword on everybody’s lips. It is called the new disruption power and the driver of innovation. It is said to be the remedy for real estate agents having to deal with endless paperwork and confusing spreadsheets. In this article, we outline some of the ways that Proptech is helping to revolutionize real estate in today’s world. 

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