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How we closed out a 7.3m dollar home with FB Ads [FREE Real Estate & Small Business Owner Local Lead Generation Case Study]

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you can now get proven Buy/Sale Luxury Home Leads or any kind of lead you want fall directly into your Customer Relations Management System (CRM)?

Although it sounds too good to be true, it’s possible to now have a great digital marketing strategy working behind the scenes. Acquiring luxury real estate leads “organically or by Paid Media”

Whichever choice you want to make? We can use Search Engine Optimization On your Website to Rank Organically. (Which means the SEO will take longer to yield leads and results) SEO this can be painful.

But is more of the cost-effective ways to attract qualified leads over time into your pipeline. and it’s not such a smart addition to your lead generation strategy if you want to use Painful SEO Strategies to acquire your leads.

Before we can jump into exactly how we will be scaling your local real-estate, or small business with our services. I have to say you totally feel motivated to get started and take action once you see your FREE Demo.

I want to answer a few nonresponsive questions to yourself.

Think about the time when someone Now offered you a local lead generation service. And what was it about that Local Lead Gen Service that you now want….

Imagine a service that give you the Time Freedom to ride in that new Mercercez you always wanted; and enjoy your family Freetime with Little Timmy or Susan.

Imagine a Proven Lead generation service that gives you a Freedom to travel around with worrying about a recession or a next bill.

A Service that might just make your brother or sister jealous because you are the bread winner of the family

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Are bills and families being happy every day. These are the main realities we must live up to in our everyday lives, and we must confront them. If we do not confront these wants & needs, we can end up in a place that is a lot more uncomfortable than the place you currently are as a person and business owner.

Our job is to provide you with the marketing material, education, and proven leads, so that you reach the place you can reach the success you always dream about.

There is nothing stopping you from accomplishing time, location, and financial freedom, there are tons of lead gen systems out there. However, how efficient and sustainable are their methods over time.

by now if you now not know we must inform you, you that we have been setting up lead generation services for businesses for more than fifteen plus years.

We work with all of our clients exclusively, and respect exclusivity in their cities. We would like to keep our partnerships in private, so we really cannot discuss the ROI of Certain Clients and results from leads.

please do not get mad if you make too much money using our lead generation system

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1. Do Your Research on Keywords and Local Competitors First

The first step in any organic lead generation strategy is figuring out where you can fit into online search terms within your local market. Because the internet is saturated with millions of people trying to rank for the same keywords, it’s difficult to start out hoping to rank for general keywords such as “luxury real estate agent in ” or “ listing agent.”

And, because attracting leads organically to your website requires a very strategic approach to content creation, it often takes an expert to do the research for you to see which keywords in the luxury real estate niche are easier for you to rank for in your market.

This can cost some money up front, but having a clear plan can save you time and money down the line once you start creating content.

2. Leverage Proven Facebook And Google Ad Campaigns

Backlinking and Search Engine Optimization(SEO) can take way to long, to get a client or sell.

So, while you are waiting on SEO and your backlinks to give you more authority on Google. You could be closing 2 to 3 more clients per month by now using your lead generation marketing services.

Once your service is active you do not have to worry about leaving money on the floor, and immediately leads start pouring in.

One way to beat your competitor is having the most authoritative Ad-copy and Keywords about your Niche on your Ads. So Instead of waiting to get clients we can set this all up, so that you can follow up with all the leads that pour into your CRM…

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3. Use Rich Media in Your Content Strategy

Not everyone has the patience to write (or even read) a blog article. If you’re more comfortable on camera, you can easily create a “video blog” or “vlog” on your website or YouTube channel that ranks for your chosen local keywords.

The great part about video is that longer videos can be clipped down into “micro content” that you can use on your social media platforms (which also saves you time and typically fosters more engagement), and pages with video tend to encourage people to stay longer on the page—another metric that helps boost how “search engine-friendly” your website is.

4. If You’re an Institute Member, Leverage Your Institute Member Profile

Good news for members of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing (The Institute): The Institute has already invested in a strategic organic lead generation strategy to help you attract leads without paid advertising.

The articles you’re reading now, plus the way we’ve set up The Institute website, are all strategically set up to generate organic leads for our members.

With that in mind, be sure to keep your member profile up to date (you can access your profile from your member dashboard). The Institute is known for its network of expert luxury real estate professionals, and prospective luxury real estate clients know to use our member profile feature to find the best professionals in the market.

Want up-to-date luxury real estate marketing strategies for yourself and your clients?

The Institute’s in-person Luxury Live events are back and—for the first time ever—we’ve introduced a Member Happy Hour to give you even more time to network with other luxury real estate professionals (or aspiring luxury real estate professionals).

The curriculum for these exciting two-day events is based on our proven Seven-Step Luxury Marketing Blueprint to help you break into luxury real estate or reach the next level in your luxury real estate career.

To learn more and see when Luxury Live is coming to your city, click here.