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Real estate agents are confused and dismayed by too many lead-generation options
HousingWire recently launched HousingStack, a dynamic visualization of rapid technological changes in the real estate industry. Our first vertical to launch was Lead Generation, and I almost choked when I saw all the companies attempting to generate leads for real estate agents.
How does a real estate agent wade through all of these lead-generation options? It turns out they are having a really tough time. I asked readers of our OpenHouse newsletter to write to me about their interaction with lead-generation companies, and here are a sampling of the quotes:
Yikes! If you’re a real estate lead-generation company, I hope you want to clear the record and prove that your product delivers real ROI. HousingWire is planning a Real Estate Virtual Demo Day for July 27.
Lead-generation company CEOs, come set the record straight!
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California real estate startup Reali is shutting down, with plans to lay off most of its employees in September.

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