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Most properties that go through probate sell within the first year, so it’s an ideal target audience for realtors. To ensure you know about these homes so you can help the seller, you need sales leads. Focusing on probate, pre-probate, divorce, and foreclosure real estate leads gives you a leg up compared to other real estate agents and people interested in real estate investing.
When you focus on probate real estate leads, you know that your potential clients want to get the house off their hands quickly. They’re sorting out inheritance while coping with the loss of a loved one, so making this process go smoothly for them is crucial. Instead of waiting for these sellers to find you, take advantage of real estate leads so you can reach out to them first.
Real Estate Leads Your Competition Doesn’t Know About – Freshest List Available
Real estate lead generation will help you find exclusive leads for your real estate business. When you’re wondering how to get real estate seller leads, you also need to think about how to ensure they’re qualified leads. You don’t want to spend time on generating leads that aren’t in your wheelhouse or are unlikely to pan out. 
These factors help you judge if lead generation will pay off for you before you go through the entire sales cycle.
Real estate agents work within certain locations, so you want to restrict your lead generation to your local area. Having knowledge about your local community and the real estate market will ensure you’re the best real estate agent for the job.
People dealing with property due to inheritance, divorce, or foreclosure have the motivation to sell. Focusing on probate leads ensures you’ll find motivated clients.
Investors can make a fortune buying and selling probate properties, but they are not often easy to find. That’s why we looked all over Google and tested out the top probate leads and probate lists available online. After testing several companies and analyzing many factors we found the freshest list of probate properties with All The Leads. No one provides better probate real estate leads from our research. They also provide free training on how to properly use these leads which makes them that much stronger of an option for realtors and investors alike. 
People who have lost a loved one want to wrap up the legal and logical aspects of the experience so they can get some form of closure. Then they’ll want time with their grief. Knowing how to communicate with people in this situation is crucial. You want to stay professional and get the job done, but you have to show empathy.
When you’re working with people going through the probate process, you need to know the ins and outs of the legal system. They’ll probably have questions about how to split profits from the sale and what taxes they’ll need to pay. If you have answers to these questions, you can keep your clients from stressing out. 
Divorce real estate leads mean you’re dealing with a couple going through a hard time. You need to have certain communication skills for this business. Each spouse gets a separate lawyer for the divorce, but they’ll only have one real estate agent negotiating the sale. You need to ensure you’re listening to both people to know what they want to get from the sale.
In some cases, you’ll also interact with the attorneys. You might need to find out information about the divorce proceedings so you can fit the house sale around other timelines in the legal process. You might have to fast-track the sale so there’s profit to include in the divorce settlement. 
It might be easier to communicate with each spouse individually instead of forcing them to get together. This can mean sharing a lot of duplicate information on your part, so patience is key. As long as you’re impartial and professional, you should have no trouble negotiating these sales.
Foreclosure real estate leads help you find an owner at risk of losing their home after defaulting on payments. They don’t have the money to pay what they owe on the house so they want to sell it and save their credit. These sellers are extremely motivated because they want to end the situation in the best way possible.
Understanding the issue goes a long way when you’re dealing with foreclosures. There’s no bad guy here, so being diplomatic is crucial. You want potential clients to know you’re working for them, determined to get them out from under the house with as much profit as possible. 
If you handle the situation adeptly, you might have these clients coming back to you when they’re ready to buy in a few years.
#1 Provider of Niche Real Estate Leads – Check Your County Now 
Find out what the seller is hoping to get from the transaction. Some people just want the property taken out of their hands so they can move on. Ex-spouses don’t want to stay linked through a house deed, for example. People grieving a loved one don’t want to worry about that person’s home sitting empty.
Other people might want — or need — a certain amount of money from the sale. They might need a profit to help settle debts. A divorced couple might need a profit to divide between themselves for equitable distribution. Finding out what they need to get out of the sale can help you know if this transaction will benefit your business or not.
Most people going through probate want to wrap things up as quickly as possible. But sometimes, the legal red tape makes it difficult to complete a sale as smoothly as under normal circumstances. 
Talk with potential clients about their expected timeline. Share your knowledge of the reality of the sale to help them feel comfortable with you. They’ll see that you have experience with this type of sale. Instead of getting stressed about a sale stretching on, they’ll know they’re in good hands and will trust you to do what it takes to seal the deal.
The factors above help you understand what you should assess with new seller leads. But it’s also a lot of work to get more leads. You have to find the seller leads yourself, then go look at them with a critical eye, going feature by feature. 
If you decide to follow up, it can pay off. But if the lead doesn’t pan out, that’s several hours that you could have spent on work. People who buy real estate leads and follow these tips can make a huge difference in the workflow and profits. Regardless of where you are in your real estate career, getting more leads is always a good thing for the real estate industry.
Automated lead systems are a must for streamlining your business. Instead of rustling up seller leads yourself, you can use a tool like All The Leads to generate leads.
With this type of real estate lead generation, you get comprehensive data sent directly to you. Specify what real estate you’re looking for and you won’t spend time sorting through seller leads that don’t suit your real estate business. The program can also manage leads for you later.
There’s no need to have a written script for talking to potential clients, but it’s ideal to have something in mind. You want to know the particulars of their situation so you don’t unintentionally say something rude. You’ll position yourself as someone who can help them during this hard time. 
Give information about yourself and ask them questions, but don’t make it feel like an interview or a sales pitch. There’s a balance to this type of communication that you’ll learn over time.
When people are going through these life changes, they might not feel ready for a sales pitch when you contact them. That doesn’t mean you should cross their name off your list. You can still send them tips about dealing with the situation they’re in. You can build a personal connection so they’ll reach out to you in the near future.
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All The Leads started as a way to help real estate agents follow up with probate leads. Even if you have no experience with probate real estate, the information they provide for subscribers gives you all you need. Real estate leads for new agents make it possible to jump in and start making these sales.
If you have questions, you can take their training to learn from experienced professionals. They host live question and answer sessions every week so you can get free real estate advice. You can also listen to their Probate Mastermind Podcast to ensure you’re leveling up your own strategies.
Subscribers to All The Leads get lists of new seller leads every month. The lead source helps you find motivated sellers in your area. You can specify your interests, including probate, divorce, foreclosure, and others. 
All The Leads will search public records for contact information. This information isn’t just limited to the owner leads — it includes the probate attorney, too. Real estate agents have ways to contact everyone involved with each lead to get their names out there.
This information can help you filter out potential sellers who aren’t your target audience. It gives you the chance to spend more time following up with sellers you can help so you close the deals quickly.
Freshest list of Real Estate Leads – Residential Property Leads For Realtors & Investors
All The Leads is a lead generation system that automatically sends monthly lists of probate leads in your select market. You can further refine your interests to get specific leads that have a better chance of paying off. But the system automates other aspects of real estate marketing as well. You can have the service cold call leads for you.
Sending direct mail is another way All The Leads streamlines lead generation and ensures lead conversion. It’s more likely that potential sellers will follow up from direct mail than emails. They’re seeing your business identity and information on the mailer and holding it in their hands, while the email might go to spam and they never open it.
You can use set templates through All The Leads so you don’t have to draft your own letters. You can pull from what other professionals have used so you know you’ll get results. The system even addresses envelopes and applies postage so you don’t have to make a post office run.
You can further automate the process regarding the marketing tools and services you decide to use. For example, if you choose to send postcards outlining your services to probate leads, you can activate “Auto-Pilot” on All The Leads. Every month when the list of new leads comes out, the system will automatically send postcards to these people.
Automating this type of service doesn’t only give you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. It also puts you ahead of the game. You don’t have to wait to get the list of leads and place an order for mailers — it’s already done for you. Your marketing materials will hit clients’ mailboxes several days before anyone else.
Hiring a virtual assistant means you have someone who can follow up with potential leads and give a little extra attention to clients that need it. This frees you up to work on other sales while ensuring those clients don’t feel forgotten or ignored. 
All The Leads has a partnership with MyOutDesk which specializes in virtual assistants for real estate agents. You won’t have to train anyone yourself. The company ensures its assistants know the ins and outs of real estate and customer satisfaction.
While All The Leads has an impressive template library, you don’t have to use what’s already there. You can import your own logos, letterheads, and images to customize the materials. You can use the marketing editor to create postcards, brochures, magnets, and flyers with business cards attached.
All The Leads also helps you build landing pages specifically for your probate real estate work. They use the WordPress platform so it’s easy to learn. If you already have real estate agent landing pages, you can link them together or keep one for general real estate business and one for probate. 
Having a website specifically for probate leads helps you attract leads in that niche. People going through major life changes won’t have to navigate through your website to find information on probate. You’ll also be able to use search engine optimization to ensure you’re a top result when property owners search for real estate professionals.
All The Leads is a realtors property resource that can help real estate agents, investors, or brokers generate leads. The system searches probate information in your area and sends you high quality leads, saving you hours of time. 
You have everything you need at your fingertips so you’re free to follow up, seal the deal, and complete the sale. Click here to get a competitive advantage over your competition with the most lucrative real estate leads online. 

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