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Want to keep your cargo secure while driving? Then check out our list of the finest ratchet straps available to get started and pick one up today! When you have to transport heavy-duty cargo from one place to another, the first hurdle you face is tying everything down and securing it properly.
Most people use bungee cords or simple ropes for this purpose, but these tend to break when stretched a lot, meaning that they don’t offer maximum safety. You’ll have to tie multiple ropes or bungee cords to secure a large item, and these are liable to come loose or open anytime. 
You need to secure your cargo and keep it in place, and what could be better than using ratchet straps for tying down heavy-duty items while driving? Their webbings have ratcheting mechanisms with high breakpoints for easy tightening and loosening, and they’re a great way to give you peace of mind while traveling. Check out our favorite ratchet strap picks as well as a handy buying guide of everything you need to know.
Augo Ratchet Strap Set: Our pick

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You can use these Augo ratchet straps for transporting heavy-duty items on your vehicle more efficiently. Each strap has an incredible break strength of 2,200 lbs and a load capacity of 733 lbs, and their high-quality stitches mean that they won’t break, even if they’re exposed to harsh weather conditions or encounter excessive mechanical wear and tear. You’ll find rubber-covered S-hooks and a carabiner lock in both the 12-inch and 15-inch ratchet straps, and these can help you securely fasten heavy equipment while ensuring that vehicle surfaces remain safe from frictional damages. All four ratcheting mechanisms have an easy-grip build for maximum control and comfort, along with a quick-release latch and spring for release. This set of ratchet straps also comes with two bungee cords and four soft loops for additional attachments, when hooks just don’t cut it.
Rhino USA Tie-down Ratchet Straps: Versatile

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In this ratchet strap pack from Rhino USA, the poly/webbed soft loops and ratchet straps have a maximum break strength of 1,823 lbs and a load-carrying capacity of 607 lbs. You can use these ratchet straps in almost any weather condition and fasten them tight without any concern. Since both fully bent S-hooks have a carabiner in their straps, you can quickly secure them around most surfaces, and you can also use the soft loops for fastening your cargo to a vehicle surface that might not accommodate hooks. These ratchet straps have a uniquely designed ratcheting mechanism that ensures a smooth operation and easy strap release– its padded handles and end cap structure will let you quickly adjust the straps’ tightness without causing hand fatigue.
Fortem Tie-down Ratchet Straps: Budget option

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This pack from Fortem has long tie loops, soft loops, ratchet straps, and a carry case to help you tie down cargo during transportation. The straps’ ratcheting mechanism has a metal buckle with a spring system that can lock the webbed strap easily and increase tension for secured cargo fastening, and its handles are made from stainless steel with rubber coating for added durability. These ratchet straps have an ergonomic grip, so you’ll have better control of the entire operation without struggling with your hold. Its S-hooks are so strong that you can use them as anchor points on different vehicle surfaces, while their coated surfaces make them weather-resistant for versatile use. These ratchet straps’ webbed straps are bright green for higher visibility, and they have a break strength of 1,500lbs for maximum durability and longevity– you’ll be able to bring everything you want along for the ride.
Sunferno Ratchet Strap Set: Another great option

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This Sunferno ratchet strap pack contains strong and highly durable ratchet straps with an impressive break strength of 2,500 lbs and a load capacity of 833 lbs. Both your hands and vehicle surfaces will be safe from abrasions and scratch marks thanks to the rubber material covering the S-hooks and ratcheting handles, and they’re bent completely to ensure that the straps won’t slip out and risk your cargo’s stability. The webbing of these ratchet straps is made from UV-protected material and reinforced with double stitches, making these straps long-lasting, and their ratcheting mechanisms come with a quick-release latch to easily unlock the straps. If you’re still not convinced, the company offers a 30-day full money-back guarantee, meaning that any potential risk is far outweighed by the rewards that these high-quality ratchet straps can offer.
Vehiclex Ratchet Tie-down Strap Set: Also consider

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These Vehiclex ratchet straps are made from one-inch polyester webbing and have double stitch patterns for more durability. With a break strength of approximately 2,200 lbs, you can use these ratchet straps for tying down various types of heavy-duty cargo, and their ergonomically designed ratcheting mechanisms have rubber handles to prevent problems when it comes to grasping and control. The spring-loaded quick-release lever of these ratchet straps offers maximum security, and you won’t have to worry about any accidental opening. You can protect vehicle surfaces from any damages that metallic ratchets can cause with an additional 10-inch strap, and since the fully-bent S-hook is reinforced with a spring-loaded clip, the webbing won’t slip out of its structure– instead, it stays in place and keeps your cargo anchored.
Ratchet straps can be very useful, especially for people who want to carry heavy-duty cargo from one place to another in their trucks, on van roofs, and more. You’ll find countless options on the market, each having multiple features that can help you tie down and quickly secure your cargo. To get the most out of these straps, you’ll have to choose the right ones for your needs. Finding the right one out of so many similar products isn’t easy, so to help you out we’ve put together a buying guide to help you invest in the perfect ratchet straps.
Most people prefer to use regular ropes when tying down cargo to their truck bed, car roof, trailers, and more, but these aren’t efficient enough and have been known to cause accidents, as the knots you tied can come loose at any time. It’s a better idea to use ratchet straps to transport your cargo, and below we’ll discuss how ratchet straps are more beneficial than simple ropes.
Tie-down ratchet straps have different lengths, usually between 15 and 18 inches. The longer the straps, the more straightforward it will be to tie down large cargo on your vehicle. A 15-inch strap will help you tie down bicycles, bikes, ATVs, and more, but it might not be ideal for securing two stacked bicycles. In this case, you should use 18-inch straps, as these are long enough to help you secure bicycle stacks.
The ratcheting mechanism is the most important thing to consider when choosing ratchet straps. The ratcheting mechanism should have rubberized handles with an ergonomic structure so that your grip will be firm and controlled. Check whether it has a spring-loaded structure, as this will prevent the handles from accidentally opening up. Apart from this, ensure that the ratcheting mechanism has smooth buckles so that you can loosen or tighten the straps quickly without much struggle. There must also be webbing that can adapt without becoming stuck so that you can conveniently roll the strap– some ratchet straps have a quick-release lever that, when pressed, will release the webbing in no time at all.
Break strength defines the maximum tensile force a ratchet strap can endure before it breaks, while load-carrying capacity describes the maximum cargo weight it can handle. An ideal ratchet strap will have a high load-carrying capacity and break strength that lets you tie down your cargo easily without having to worry about any accidents. Break strength varies between 1,500 lbs and 2,300 lbs, while load-carrying capacity ranges from 500 lbs to 833 lbs. If you want to tie down large cargo, pick a ratchet strap with a high load-carrying capacity and break strength.
Ratchet straps are equipped with S-hooks that have a fully bent structure so that the webbing won’t slip off accidentally. Make sure these hooks are strong enough to endure the high tensile strength of the straps without suffering from any structural damage, and if you want to tie down your cargo with a lower anchor point, go for ratchet straps that have a carabiner-styled S-hook– this means you won’t have to worry about the straps loosening or quickly coming off the anchor point.
Soft loops can be helpful, as you can’t use S-hooks with all vehicle structures or cargo parts. Straps have a half twist to ensure that there’s a flat surface once you form the knot, and securing it prevents the loop from becoming lost.
In most ratchet straps, the webbing is made from durable polyester, as this material is light and can withstand a high load. Some ratchet straps have a weather-resistant and/or UV-resistant coating that lets you use the straps in different climates and weather conditions with ease. Both S-hooks and ratcheting mechanisms are usually made from stainless steel frames for higher durability, and their surfaces are covered with rubber to keep your hand safe and avoid vehicle surface damage as a result of continuous friction. The buckles and springs in ratcheting mechanisms are made from metal to easily withstand the straps’ tensile strength.
All ratchet strap packs come with an additional carry bag, usually either a pouch or a zippered bag. Regardless of which kind you have, this bag can help you organize everything and easily store it in your car.
A pack of ratchet straps costs between $24.99 and $34.95, but the price depends on several factors. A pack of ratchet straps with high break strength and load-carrying capacity will cost more than one with lower values, and the overall package will be more expensive if your ratcheting mechanisms or S-hooks have unique structures.
If you don’t know how to use the ratcheting mechanism of a ratchet strap, follow the below tips:
Q: Why are the stitches on ratchet straps diamond-shaped?
Most ratchet straps have diamond-shaped stitches to ensure higher strength and durability. This particular type of stitch also helps keep webbing joints secured.
Q: Can I use ratchet straps on windy days?
Yes, ratchet straps can be used on windy days, provided your chosen straps have high break strength and can endure strong weather conditions.
Q: Will I be able to use ratchet straps for securing luggage on the van roof?
Yes, you can use ratchet straps for securing the luggage on a van roof– just make sure that the webbing is tight so that you won’t have to worry about your cargo slipping out and causing accidents.
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