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SMACK is a body percussion plugin where you can design your own percussion sounds with impressive precision. Now, SMACK 2 is here to add to the reputation of the original plugin with ever more epicness.
SMACK 2: Claps, Snaps & Stomps is a sample set of body percussion sounds that offers an unrivalled level of detail.
“[We] set out to design and record a worthy sequel that not only captures the same magic of the first library”, state Big Fish Audio, “but also improves on it in several ways”.
As a result of this ambition, all of the body percussion sounds were recorded with three different customizable microphone positions – close, stereo, and room.
And the developer added further depth to the sample set in order to make every production as realistic as they could. To do so, they recorded every sound evenly from different positions and at several different velocity layers!
And you have total control over every sound too as you’ll have access to over seventy articulation patches. These give you immediate access to each individually recorded sample on the keyboard.
Big Fish captured every performance in small, medium, and large rooms to add more dynamics to every sound.
For further versatility, Big Fish explored a variety of new clapping techniques and stomping surfaces. “We sampled a single person stomping on a guitar case with a tambourine on top”, they say, “and also a small group stomping on plastic packing materials”.
You’ll also be able to utilise unique electronic sounds that complement the body percussion sounds too. “This patch includes electronic toms, kicks, snaps, claps, and other percussion instruments”. state Big Fish. “While these samples sound great on their own, they also blend beautifully with the acoustic samples”.
38 articulations
Recorded in 3 environments
3 mixable mic positions
43 effect presets
83 total patches
11 round robins
Up to 7 velocity layers
Over 12,000 samples
Full Komplete Kontrol & Maschine integration
Total size: 3.2GB
Finally, Big FIsh has developed SMACK 2 for “seamless integration” with Komplete Kontrol and Maschine interfaces. This means you can get fully hands on with your sound crafting, and manipulate the plugin interface using the controls of compatible hardware.
SMACK 2 is now available for an introductory price of $79.95 until July 8th. Furthermore, SMACK 1 owners get SMACK 2 for only $69.95 through July 8th by using their original serial number as a checkout coupon. The regular price will be $99.95.
The SMACK 2 sound library requires approx 3.2GB of free hard drive space, 4GB RAM, Kontakt 6 Player (Included) or Kontakt 6 (Version 6.7.1).
The plugin is compatible with Windows 7+(32 or 64 bit) & OSX 10.13+ (64 bit).
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