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Listen, we get that moving is a pain. And having to move cars can be particularly annoying. Maybe you need to find another driver. Maybe the car doesn’t work and has to be towed. Maybe you don’t have a trailer. Still, you should never, ever do what this driver in Washington state did: try to haul their SUV in the back of a U-Haul moving van.
Yes, as tweeted by Washington State Trooper John Bryant (and even spotted by people on Reddit), someone squeezed their Isuzu Rodeo into the back of a rather small Chevy Express-based U-Haul van. The photos came from another trooper that pulled over the intrepid mover. We’re genuinely impressed that the SUV actually did fit width-wise. Of course one of the big, and obvious, problems is that the SUV didn’t fit length wise, with a good third of it hanging out the back and perched precariously on the rear bumper. Perhaps the most disturbing part is that a lone ratchet strap seems to be the only thing holding the SUV in the back. The trooper didn’t say what ended up happening with the driver, though we can’t imagine they were allowed to drive off with this sketchy setup.
I suppose it’s moving season. Photo courtesy of traffic stop by Okanogan Trooper Cunningham on SR97 MP290 (just south of Pateros). #Roadsafety

And just to make things abundantly clear, please, do not attempt something like this. There are so many ways this could go badly wrong. The worst case scenario would be the SUV falling out and causing an accident. But there are even more reasons this is a terrible idea. There would be a strong chance of damaging the vehicle that’s being moved, since there’s hardly any space for the vehicle. It would be very easy to damage the van, either by the vehicle hitting parts of the box while loading or while in transit, or possibly breaking the van’s suspension or powertrain. It would also make the van less safe to drive because so much of the (over) load is dangling beyond the rear axle. 
If you need to move your car, find a friend with a truck and trailer, call a professional, or rent a truck and trailer. And guess who has car trailers and even tips for how to use said trailers and for loading your vehicle safely? U-Haul. And for more towing tips, check this out.
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