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The Super Affiliate System is a course for affiliate marketers made by John Crestani. It used to be called the Internet Jetset System. The video-based course shows how to start a successful affiliate marketing business and make a good amount of money every month.
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John Crestani created the Super Affiliate System to help people succeed in affiliate marketing and keep their money. 
What does the Super Affiliate System do? 
The Super Affiliate System is a course for affiliate marketers made by John Crestani. It used to be called the Internet Jetset System. The video-based course shows how to start a successful affiliate marketing business and make a good amount of money every month. John Crestani says that the strategy can help people earn more than $2500 per week. 
The training videos are mostly about paid advertising strategies and making funnels. John Crestani put the system on the market in 2015, and at first, it cost a lot of money. In recent years, the price has gone down a lot, so people don't have to get into debt to buy it. 
Here is the working of this system:
Super Affiliate System has six parts. The creator starts by telling individuals how to set up their ads and affiliate links so they can make their first commissions. In this section's second half, he teaches how to find and use the best affiliate networks. 
In the second half, Crestani talks about how to choose a specialty that fits people perfectly. He also has high-commission networks that allow affiliates to make 50% more than the others. In the last part, they will learn advanced marketing skills like copywriting and making effective pre-sells. One will learn the skills they need to make all affiliate marketing efforts more profitable. 
John Crestani will show people how to make extra money with Google Ads and Facebook Ads in the fourth section. The creator says that these two social networks are the best for social marketing. In the fifth part, they will learn how to use YouTube ads. In the last part, the sixth, people will learn about survey funnels. 
Besides the main instruction, Crestani has more than 50 hours of organized educational videos. They will get a bunch of goodies, including things like ad settings, swipes, and landing pages that have already been made for them. 
Super Affiliate System content 
The Super Affiliate System is one of many online courses people can buy. It takes more than six weeks to finish because it has more than 50 hours of content. Crestani adds quizzes and homework to the video tutorials and lectures to help students remember what they have learned. 
Training in affiliate marketing is available in English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese. Most of the time, it takes about six weeks to get good at Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and Native Ads. John Crestani gives easy-to-use templates for designing ads and landing pages for promotions and getting more people to visit one's site. 
This is the first part of the course. This section will explain what the Super Affiliate System course is all about. It will also teach users about affiliate marketing and the benefits of putting money into this kind of marketing. 
Login information is needed to use the dashboard and the keys to affiliate marketing success. 
John Crestani will also tell users about the Super Affiliate System community and show them how to use the membership website. 
Week 1: Setting up the system 
During the System Setup week, John will talk about why setting goals is good for affiliate marketing. He will also talk about the benefits of making a website for affiliate marketing. 
In affiliate marketing, a domain name and hosting for a website are very important. So, it's important to know how to register a domain and host a website. John will help users build their presell pages, which are also called pre-built funnels. It can be made by hand or with Clickfunnels. One will also learn how to set up ads on Facebook, make campaigns, and choose the most profitable affiliate promotions. 
Week 2: Set up Google Ads and Campaigns 
Google Ads is one type of paid advertising that people need to understand and use if they want to make more money from affiliate marketing. When people type the keywords they want into Google's search engine, the ads will show up on their screens. Week 2 is when Crestani will give people the tools they need to get all their ads on the first page of Google. One will also get ideas for how to target the right devices, locations, and people. 
Week 3: Outstanding Way to Set Up YouTube Ads 
John Crestani worked hard to understand this training, which was made for both experienced and new affiliate marketers. In the third week, John Crestani tells his students to make YouTube ads. People will also learn how to make their YouTube channel work better for affiliate marketing. 
Week 4: Techniques for more advanced advertising 
This is a complete unit. Individuals are taught how to make money online with advanced advertising techniques. Also, the affiliate marketer points out the most common mistakes that affiliate marketers make when they make their ads. At this point, he teaches the audience how to obey him and how to gain their trust. He will also teach how to use headlines, keywords, copywriting and create a landing page in the right way. 
Week 5: Pre-sale pages and being able to grow 
This module is meant to help affiliate marketers use resold pages to grow their businesses. Users learn how to make a pre-sell page by hand and with the help of Clickfunnels. To be an affiliate marketer, people need to know about split testing, pre-sale pages, basic scaling, payout increases, and other methods. John Crestani also gives the templates that are needed to make presell pages. 
Week 6: Choosing the Best Products to Promote 
If the goal of affiliate marketing is to make more money, then the right products need to be chosen. Crestani connects people to markets and niches that will always be there. They talk about things like happiness, health, and fitness, as well as money. One will also learn how to use different affiliate marketing networks and choose the best Clickbank offers. 
Relationship, Help, and Resources 
The Super Affiliate System program gives trainees more tools and resources to help them do well in affiliate marketing. The main things that will be covered in this course are: 
●    Swipes for affiliate advertising 
●    Rules for Affiliate Networks Other Than Clickbank to Follow 
●    Different Legal Help 
After taking the Super Affiliate System course, the creator will give people the help they need to be successful. All the questions people have about the Super Affiliate System will be answered. 
●    John Crestani's teaching style is good for people who are new to paid advertising.
●    People don't have to give their email address when they sign up
●    The author's traffic skills will be more useful in future marketing
●    Users will get live webinars every week. 
●    There are more than 50 hours of video content, and customer service and chat have been improved. 
●    The price may be too high for some people, some of the promises are not likely to come true, and the system has a lot of affiliate links. 
How much does the Super Affiliate System cost? 
It costs $997 to take the Super Affiliate System course. John Crestani also has a payment plan with three payments of $397, which would cost $1191. The software comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so no one has anything to worry about. If buyers don't see results in one month, they can get their money back. 
One of the best things about this program is that if they do well with affiliate marketing, people could get their money back. John Crestani promises that a person will get their $997 back if they do not make $10,000 after taking the course. Also, the person gets free advertising credits and things like swipe files, monthly training calls, pre-built sales pages, and more. 
Who should sign up for this program? 
This course is for people who want to become affiliate marketers or use affiliate marketing to make extra money. The Super Affiliate System tells people everything they need to know to make money quickly. 
But this program is not good for people who spend a lot of money on a lot of courses but never finish them. It's not for people who want to make a million dollars overnight. Affiliate marketing takes a lot of time, work, and dedication. 
How Good Is the Super Affiliate System? 
Super Affiliate System teaches people everything they need to know to get started with affiliate marketing. Still, the method requires a lot of work and dedication. One must finish the six-week program and use the tools and ideas that come with it. 
When a person goes to the Super Affiliate website for the first time, they notice the many reviews and testimonials from people who have made money with this program. Remember that the Super Affiliate System is not a way to make a lot of money quickly. It takes time, dedication, and hard work.  
For someone who is new to affiliate marketing, the Super Affiliate System is a great place to start. They will have everything they need to get started with over 50 hours of high-quality video content. The weekly webinar is the best part of the system because it lets students talk about their progress. John says that even though the price is not funny, people will make ten times that amount in one month.
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