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Entrepreneurs should invest in relationships, better audio equipment and patience.
One of your most important investments as a podcaster is building meaningful relationships with your listeners and the people in your industry. Building relationships with your audience based on trust, integrity and honesty is one of the essential investments a podcaster can make.
The best way to build meaningful and authentic relationships with your audience and your niche is to make these connections more about the other person than about yourself. I discovered a long time ago that getting noticed is much easier when you have an army of supporters telling others that you and your show are worth their time.
But how is that developed? It starts with genuinely noticing others. It can be as simple as creating a list of five people in your audience or niche that you will reach out to regularly. You can comment and potentially share some of their posts. You show interest in what they are doing. At a minimum, these individuals will notice and appreciate your interest.
Rapport over a while will yield reciprocity. For example, when it is your time to promote a product or service for your , you will have at least five people who are now willing to share this with their network because you have already invested in them. They know you. They like you. They trust you.
Imagine if you compounded this effort from five people a week to ten or twenty. Eventually, you have a group of people you have created rapport with and are willing to reciprocate.
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As an entrepreneur, it’s your job to be smart about investments. We know how easy it is in the podcasting world to work on a shoestring budget and get by with mediocre quality results. If you’re looking for sustainable growth and longevity within this industry, however, then investing in some professional-level equipment may make sense for you. Here are my favorite three points of investment:
Your podcast hosting service is another essential resource often overlooked. The temptation can be to skimp on this, but making the right choice can protect you and your show. Buzzsprout, Spreaker and Captivate are a few of the many options I recommend.
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Taking time for yourself is the most crucial suggestion in this category. Burnout can happen when busy entrepreneurs balance family responsibilities, work responsibilities and creating a top podcast. Therefore, you must schedule strategic breaks to allow you to rest, reflect and rejuvenate.
One effective strategy is to consider taking the “Netflix” seasonal approach with your podcast. You can only schedule and record ten episodes per season. However, it will allow you to take a break, get feedback and adequately prepare for the next season.
Do not make the mistake of overlooking podcast education. It is prudent to have an understanding of what is working for the top podcasters in their category. Take time and resources to attend industry-related conferences and events such as Podcast Movement. You also want to pay attention to the trends in the industry, so you are aware of your options. I recommend staying connected to the industry through the top newsletters such as Podnews and PodMov Daily.
Sweat equity must be a priority. Yes, take breaks and guard your time, but also put in the necessary work. The top business podcasters are not in that position by accident. Likewise, a great podcast with an engaged audience does not happen by accident.
Entrepreneurs have many options for what they can invest in to help their podcast be successful. We’ve provided some of the most popular investments, but we want you to know that it takes a lot more than just money and equipment to make your show a success. You need patience, time, resources and passion if you want people to keep coming back for more.
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