Shopify plugins can make a huge difference in your online success. You can discover the top 19 plugins for your Shopify store and grow your business.
Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms around the world. It is gaining more popularity among online businesses, with nearly half a million users.
This is because it is easy to use and offers several advantages. For example, users enjoy services ranging from marketing to secure customer payments. 
Another attractive feature is customization. Online businesses can modify the app to suit their goals. As a result, many businesses using Shopify have increased sales and profits.
Shopify offers a lot of plugins that are designed to promote business growth. Some are free, while others are premium.
Therefore, having so many options can make it difficult for you to choose the right plugin for your business. So what are the best Shopify plugins for your business? Here are the top picks for 2022.
Shopify is an online eCommerce platform that anyone can use. It helps you to find customers and increase profits. In addition, Shopify can help better management of your online store.
Many businesses are using Shopify because it is easy to use. It works well for newbies and experienced companies. In addition, you can get better insights on how to reach and keep customers. Shopify pricing starts from $29 to $79 per month.
Before discussing the best plugins, ask yourself why Shopify plugins are important. The right plugin can make a huge difference in your business.
It can help you improve the overall customer experience. This means more retention and profits for your business. Here are the top reasons plugins are essential for any online eCommerce business.
The best thing about plugins is integrating them with any software. Integrate with third-party software to get the best results. This includes any marketing or CRM tools.
You don’t need to be a professional to use Shopify plugins. If you know the basics, it would be easy to understand the back end of plugins. How-to tutorials will make your life easier.
Plugins are updated regularly. That means you have better protection from any hacks. The constant updates are not only designed to provide new features but improve security measures. So the chances of hackers infiltrating your website are less. Customers can also make secure payments online
Shopify has over 3500 plugins, with nearly half being free of charge. The variety is an excellent option for businesses as you can choose something suitable.
Here are the top 19 plugins for your business. Remember that while most plugins are free, you may be required to pay for additional features.

Building a business is all about creating lasting relationships with customers. It is also essential to reach the right audience. Klaviyo offers you data on the latest trends within your niche.
It does this by analyzing the number of visitors and current customers. With this data, it becomes easier to know what marketing strategies to convert more visitors into customers.
Make targeted marketing campaigns that work. For example, Klaviyo has a free version with 500 emails per month and chat support. If you want to access just email, then you pay $45/ month. For both emails and SMS, you should pay $60/ month.
Printful provides print-on-demand dropshipping. It’s the best way to give customers creative freedom. They can create the merchandise they would like to buy. One of the reasons people use Printful is that you can personalize the product description.
Personalized experiences are likely to increase customer engagement. This allows you to create a unique brand identity and attract more viewers.
Also, provide an excellent experience for customers by allowing them to design their merchandise. Printful also enables you to set the prices to suit your products.
All the products you add to Printful will be available on Shopify. In addition, any updates will be synced automatically from Printful to Spotify. All orders are also automatic.
Printful is free. However, you can also use the Pro version, which costs $49 monthly.
There is a lot of information coming from your website. How you organize everything is important. The QuickBooks Connector helps you track all transactions, whether it is expenses or income.
Using this plugin leads to reduced tax expenses. Critical data from your Shopify and send it directly to online books.
Forget about entering numbers manually. With an automated solution, you will have more accurate results. It also becomes easy to calculate sales and track inventory.
Before you use QuickBooks Connector, sign up for QuickBooks Online. It is free to install this plugin. Other options include the Essentials for $25/month, Plus $40/month, and Advanced for $90/ month.
Making sales starts with a marketing list. Then, the quality of your leads will determine how many sales you make. That is where the Sendinblue plugin comes in. This plugin allows you to collect leads from your email.
Separate leads into different categories based on interactions on your website. Doing this allows you to nurture leads until you convert them. The best part is that it is free and easy to use. 
Point of Sale is a good choice if you want to sell to customers online or in person. It allows you to sync products from Shopify. Take orders, make transactions, and receive payments.
It works for those that are purely selling offline as well. In addition, you can use Shopify to manage your store. 
The app is free, but additional features on the Pro version cost $89/ location. This allows you to process all online transactions.
You can also work with third-party payment providers once you install this plugin. It is easy to use and accessible to all users 24/7.
Are you looking for a new way to enhance your marketing efforts? Then Snapchat ads may be a great tool. Not only can you sync ads but also track how effective they are. Also, it becomes easier to repurpose your previous content to drive purchases. By syncing products, you’ll create very engaging ads.
Dynamic ads allow you to reach the right customers. As a result, businesses using this tool have managed to grow their businesses. In addition, syncing your catalog means your website will have updated information.
Snapchat ads are free to install. Anyone with a Shopify account can use this plugin to create ads on Snapchat.
Shopify has a plugin that lets you gather reviews from customers. Product reviews help you to know areas that need improvement.
It is free and can be installed by anyone regardless of coding experience. The only disadvantage is that you won’t get customers to send reviews via email.
Zendrop provides fast shipping options. However, It all starts with packaging. Proper packaging is something that customers look for when purchasing products online.
With the zen drop, you can create custom packaging. You also have many options as to how to ship products. In addition, there is support 24/7 to ensure your customers receive products without delay.
It is perfect for dropshipping. Avoid other issues that come with shipping, such as misplaced products or slow delivery services. Customers can also track their orders until delivery.
You can use the 7-day free trial to check out this plugin. The Pro exists at $49/ month and is $79/ month.
There is nothing as exciting as a free offer. Statistics show that people are more likely to purchase an item if the shipping is free. Shopify uses a similar plugin to get customers to purchase products online.
The Free Shipping Bar is a plugin that online businesses can add to their websites. It shows that shipping for a product is free. This plugin is free for all users and will boost sales.

Trust is everything, especially when you sell online. You must show customers that you will provide the right solutions to their problems. Trust is more important when it comes to making payments. Trust badges show customers that it is safe to pay you online.
If you are a trustworthy business, you will have more customers. Use different bagels depending on location. This is because some payments may only work in specific areas. The subscription is free. However, you can use the premium for $5.99 per month for $19.99 per month.
Dropshipman is a professional dropshipping tool that allows you to import and ship products within a week. It can accommodate your business needs.
Different shipping services work with your schedule. It also provides packaging and labeling for all Shopify products.
You will also make more profits as the chances of customers returning products is less. It provides automatic product updates for orders, shipments, and deliveries.
You can install it for free. However, additional costs may vary depending on how many features you add.
Instafeed allows you to add feeds from Instagram directly to your Shopify. This increases the chances of converting users from Instagram. Also, expand your customer base from followers on Instagram.
Once you upload new content and post it on Instagram, it will also be added to your online stores. Enjoy the benefits of Instafeed, such as:
Gain new followers and expand your brand. Get the free version with video support and works on all themes and devices. The pro option is $5.99 per month, while Plus is $19.99 per month.
The pro version has an advanced layout configuration, allows three feeds, and you can tag products and view profile pictures. In addition, this version gives you an unlimited number of feeds and filter searches using hashtags.
Discoverfy offers a seamless workflow for online stores. First, you can increase sales by showing your products to the right customers. Then by providing the proper catalogs, you can boost the number of visitors to your website.
This solution uses AI to enhance the customer experience. By automating workflows, you become efficient and accomplish more within a shorter time.
Customers will enjoy every process, from viewing your products to purchasing them. In addition, it is free for up to 10,00 users per month.
Social media makes a huge difference to your marketing efforts. So if you want to take your products on Facebook, this is the right plugin. You can sync data on products and promotions by linking your Spotify and Facebook accounts.
It is also a great way to reach a broader audience. You can easily set up paid campaigns with Facebook channels. This plugin also promotes seamless payments and returning services. Install the plugin to your Shopify account for free.
Collecting leads all starts with sufficient traffic to your website. You can’t get enough people to notice your website by creating subpar content. SEO is the best way to create a fantastic content management strategy to generate more traffic.
The Plugin SEO for Shopify is the best option for increasing traffic. It works by scanning your website and making appropriate suggestions. This includes everything on a website, from the titles, landing pages, and blog posts.
A product’s return chances are higher with online stores than brick-and-mortar counterparts.
This is mainly because you can’t try out clothes or check every part of a product before buying it. As a result, one a result, one out of three products bought online is returned.
As a business, you want to simplify the return process. That is what Returnly does. A simple return process may:
With Returnly, customers can purchase another item in exchange for one they wish to return. It is a good plugin for daily tasks as you can automate the return process. You have a 14-day free trial. Afterward, you should pay $29 per month.

This plugin allows you to sync data from your website to your Google Merchant Center. It then becomes easy for you to update any product info from your Shopify directly to your Google.
Product listing using the Google Channel is free for all US-based merchants.
Another benefit of this plugin is that it can create paid marketing campaigns. These will appear across all Google-owned platforms that you sign up on. But, again, setting up Google Channel is free.
Another way to get more customers is through referrals. Statistics show that people are more likely to purchase a product if a friend or family member makes the referral.
Smile allows you to create referral programs to attract a wider audience. It is also a great plugin for creating loyalty programs. There is a free version that offers the basic features.
A slow page speed can discourage users from purchasing your products. So you have to ensure that your website’s speed is fast. Page Speed Monitor is an effective way of making sure your website is not slow.
It will send an alert to your email if the speed is low. Then you can make changes to boost the speed of your website.
You can also compare your website with competitors to see how you can be the best. There is a free trial for seven days. Afterward, you should pay $1/page to use Page Speed Monitor.
Shopify is a great place to build your eCommerce business. It offers security, is easy to use, and integrates with other tools. In addition, it has several plugins that you can use to personalize your experience.
There are plugins to create better content, advertising on social media, and build customer relationships.
Dropshipping tools allow you to create custom packaging and speed up deliveries. It is also a great way to reduce the number of returns.
Should customers want to return products, Shopify plugins can make the process easier. The plugins you choose will depend on what your business needs.
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