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The more I’ve sat thinking about the Halftime Show during the Super Bowl today, the more I realized, it was filled with things that weren’t supposed to happen.
For starters, Eminem was caught kneeling when he was asked not to.
And now, everyone is talking about how The NFL Asked Snoop Dogg Not to Show His Affiliation During The Super Bowl and He Did It Anyway.
In case you’re wondering, Snoop Dogg is a member of the infamous Rolling 20s Crips which he became part of as a teenager.
And because of that, the NFL had asked him to not show his affiliation.
This meant that Snoop was not to wear a blue bandana, flash the Crip gang sign or even crip walk.
But he did all of those things during the Super Bowl Halftime Show anyways.
Snoop wore a blue bandana outfit, flashed the Crip sign at the end of the show and crip walked several times.
And people all over are saying that without these things, it wouldn’t have been the Snoop they grew up with.
Like what is a Snoop performance without the Crip walk?
According to the Puck story:
“The league apparently didn’t want its premier event to turn into a divisive culture war moment.”
So, what do you think? Did these performers do wrong doing all the things the NFL asked them not to do?

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Monday 14th of February 2022
They don’t care because they are racists especially snoop. Mm is just as bad disgracing the flag and being very devisve.
Karl leigh
Monday 14th of February 2022
NFL we don’t care what or who affiliated with. We love his songs. Who cars about what colors he wore. We are not thinking about a crip sign. The NFL where their favorite colors. Now say something about that ?
Delores Mitchell
Monday 14th of February 2022
The performance’s by each artist was epic. I loved the half time show. There are some things that makes an artist stand out . The things millions of people see done each day by our leaders, is 10x’s worst than what these artists did. They gave the people a performance that made us smile and talk about in a positive way.
Sheralyn, sellers
Monday 14th of February 2022
I see nothing wrong with any of it!❤️😃. Quit tripping whoever told them not to do those things?
Monday 14th of February 2022
Well the nfl chose og artist cause they know the artist that are out are irrelevant to be given the super bowl halftime show
Have a nice day and watch out for the big yellow chicken.

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