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Tom has over 20 years’ experience as a strategist in marketing and communications agencies. He has won numerous Gold and Silver IPA Effectiveness Awards for campaigns that he’s worked on. Tom has worked with successful brands such as McDonald’s, Sainsbury’s, the BBC and Mercedes-Benz. He is currently vice-president of brand planning at Jellyfish Global.
Advertising’s not dead, it’s not dying and no one’s going to kill it any time soon. It’s never been more alive, so instead of taking aim, let’s be dead proud of it.
These fundamentals of marketing communication will always be true because they’re based on how our brains work, not on how specific technology works.
It doesn’t seem right that most of the industry uses a template built on three layers which are each mostly wrong and not strongly supported by marketing science.
From Delony Sledge to Fernando Machado, marketers with a coherent brand philosophy produce better and more consistent advertising.
Diversity in advertising means more customers feel seen. When people feel seen they feel good, and making people feel good drives brand growth.
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Affiliate Marketing As A Business

Go to 30days.com (30-day-summitdetc4msw subpage)

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